Blogiversary + So many delicious meals….


I cannot tell you how much this blog and all of you have brought to my life. What started as a way of keeping my family updated and journaling my experiences became so much more……

I have made so many incredible friends! And some that I have been fortunate enough to meet up with  – Janae & Catie! Also…. many that I hope to meet one day 🙂





The support and energy I get from all of you means so much to me. So, I thank you, all my readers, for stopping by and getting to know me! You have made the last year so amazing!

Now, let’s get to the incredible meals I had while Joe’s parents were in town:

Friday night dinner at the Denver Chophouse. Joe and I shared the ahi tuna appetizer.    IMG_2661[1] There was a super moist jalapeno cornbread for the table to share.      IMG_2662[1] I had the Colorado trout with seasonal root vegetables.      IMG_2663[1]For dessert we shared the brownie sundae, key lime pie and turtle cheesecake 🙂 IMG_2664[1]IMG_2665[1]IMG_2666[1]

Saturday night at Frasca in Boulder.                                    

They do a tasting menu which changes by the day. The table started with fennel soup with bread crumbs, a salmon tartare and some sort of creamy goat cheese….awesomeness all around.                                                                                          IMG_2681[1]

I had the insulata (not pictured), followed by the tortelloni, grilled salmon and I ended with the carrot cake and cappuccino. This was one of the best meals I have ever had!              IMG_2682[1]IMG_2683[1]IMG_2684[1]IMG_2686[1]

I also had a bite of Joe’s donuts 😉                        IMG_2685[1]

On Sunday we went to one of our favorite neighborhood breakfast/lunch/brunch spots before heading to the baseball game; Mona’s!                                         

I had the veggie sandwich I get 50% of the time….just. so. good.    IMG_2690[1]

After the game, we went to the Russell’s Smokehouse…mostly meat, but I can always find things 🙂                                                                        IMG_2695[1]

We started with the calamari and pretzel bites (they came with a jalapeno cheddar dipping sauce that I probably could have eaten with a spoon).                          IMG_2697[1]

Then, Joe’s mom and I split the iceburg wedge salad. This had blue cheese and creamy chipotle dressing that blew my mind…I could have just eaten this and been happy 🙂                                                                                                                         IMG_2698[1]

For my entree I had the diver scallops which are normally wrapped in bacon, but they were kind enough to not include for me. It came with a polenta and a pineapple chutney that was out of this world. Such a summery meal and I kind of want it again right now- haha.                                                                                                  IMG_2699[1]

The best news is that I have leftovers from most of these meals that I will be eating all week while Joe is away….is it weird that I sometimes like leftovers more than the first time eating something??

How do you feel about left-overs? Love or hate?

12 responses to “Blogiversary + So many delicious meals….

  1. Happy one year darling!! Well done.

  2. Love the idea of polenta under a salad! And happy 1 year!! 🙂

  3. I love left overs! unfortunately, I never have dessert leftovers haha those desserts looked incredible! I love Janae, I’m so sad she moved from UT=(

  4. Cheers to your blogiversary! You always eat the most amazing looking meals 🙂

  5. Congrats on the one year anniversary! That’s awesome! I hope to meet some blogger friends too one of these days. All your meals so good, especially that brownie sundae!

  6. Happy 1 year! The food in those pics look delicious – sure beats my weekend meal at TGI Fridays lol – I am due for a few good meals out this

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