what a weekend!

Was anyone else completely glued to their TV’s on Friday? I came home from work and was greeted by Joe’s parents who had flown in around noon! CNN was on and I was immediately sucked in! We watched the entire thing unfold for about 2 hours until the second suspect was apprehended. I think immense relief is felt by everyone at this point.

Earlier in the day I followed in this girls footsteps and ordered a Boston shirt (all proceeds going toward the Emergency Medicine Fund at Massachusetts General Hospital, which supports the patients and families affected by the Boston Marathon tragedy.


After peeling ourselves away from the news, we walked downtown for dinner at the Denver Chop House.                                                                            

The meal was AMAZING and I will do a whole other post on our eats from the weekend tomorrow 🙂

Saturday morning we headed to Rocky Mountain National Park to show Joe’s parents the beautiful mountains we now live in!                                      DSCN0379 DSCN0354 DSCN0103And of course, there were elk just walking around town……   DSCN0383 DSCN0385After leaving the park, we headed to Boulder to show them where we plan to live one day 🙂  We walked around and checked out all the fun shops on Pearl Street Mall….it was a beautiful day!                                                                 IMG_2669[1]IMG_2670[1]IMG_2671[1]IMG_2672[1]IMG_2676[1]IMG_2677[1]We took them into the Boulderado Hotel, which is a super old, saloon like hotel right downtown. I would love to stay there sometime!                                 IMG_2678[1]IMG_2679[1]IMG_2680[1]After another incredible dinner, we headed back to Denver and I immediately went to bed…totally pooped!

Sunday morning we got a slower start. Joe and I went for a 8 mile run and then we all headed to Mona’s for brunch.                                                        IMG_2688[1] IMG_2689[1]

From there we walked downtown and did a little window shopping.   IMG_2691[1]

Next stop was Coors Field for our first ever Rockies Game!!                        IMG_2692[1]IMG_2693[1]

So much fun!! After the game we walked into Larimer Square for dinner and then ended the night with a trip to the best ice cream spot in Denver; Little Man. Of course there was a line down the block!    IMG_2700[1]IMG_2701[1]

I’m back at work today and Joe’s parents head back to New Jersey around noon. Then Joe flies out to Indiana for the week. We had such a great visit and an amazing weekend! Can’t wait to do it again soon 🙂

How was your weekend?

13 responses to “what a weekend!

  1. jessielovestorun

    gosh girl.. you really know how to advertise Colorado well!!!! Safe travels to Joe’s family, and to him on his trip as well.

  2. What a fun weekend! I’m so jealous that Joe will run with you, and what an awesome run!

  3. Sounds amazing! I was glued to my TV Friday too…that was such great news to start the wknd!!

  4. You had such a nice weekend!! Busy! Baseball games are so much fun!

  5. I was glued to my TV on Friday night too! Glad the ordeal of finding the second suspect is over. Your weekend sounds really great, can’t wait to hear about the Chop house eats 🙂

  6. I was totally tuned in to the television 24 hours a day last week, especially Friday. I still can’t get over it all.

  7. Sounds fun! It’s always cool to walk around and see all the shops, especially the candy ones 😉

  8. Yes, we were definitely glued to our TVs all weekend too! A little relieved to be honest 🙂

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