Training Nutrition Tips

There was a great article in the most recent Trail Runner magazine that I really wanted to share with you all! It listed a bunch of nutritional tips that will help with your training. Since I am currently training for the craziest hardest race of my life, I am looking for anything that will help me out!

1. EAT RAISINS: they contain high amounts of fast digesting sugars that can be quickly and efficiently burned for energy.                                       

2. EAT HONEY: consuming sugar blends which contain both fructose and glucose can be more effective at ramping up performance than sports gels or chews with just a single sugar source.                                                                 

3. EAT BABY FOOD: You will find pouches of 100% pureed fruit blends like mango, banana and orange. With just a few squeezes, you’ll suck back the necessary carbohydrates and antioxidants to keep up the pace.              

4. DRINK TART CHERRY JUICE: Studies show that tart cherry juice can help the body recover faster following intense exercise.                                

5. EAT MILK AND CEREAL: Cereal and milk provide a dynamic duo of carbs and protein to promote recovery.                                                

6. EAT GREEK YOGURT/COTTAGE CHEESE: 30 minutes before bed, eat one of these high protein snacks to improve muscle synthesis (helps repair, strengthen and build your running muscles).                                           

I actually do most of these and am going to try to be more consistent about them in the coming months.

How many of these foods do you eat/drink on a regular basis? 

13 responses to “Training Nutrition Tips

  1. I’m not a huge raison fan, but I’ve been eating more of them lately. Cottage cheese is one of my favs! Have you tried the baby food? Does it actually taste good?

    • I haven’t tried the baby food yet, but I do buy the squeeze pouches of apple sauce that i think are meant for little kids and I LOVE those! I love adding raisins to salads or trail mix.

  2. I love cottage cheese! Oh and I have heard the tip abt tart cherry juice, I will check it out!! Great tips!

  3. I had greek yogurt today with breakfast and lunch hoping that the protein goes straight to my shoulder and heals it fast!

  4. I love eating yogurt or cottage cheese around 30 mins before bed! Had no idea it was helping my muscles repair 😛

    • haha- I did too before I knew how good it was! I think the cold protein is the perfect snack – it sustains me through the night…nothing worse than going to bed hungry or too full!

  5. jessielovestorun

    I eat #1,5 & 6. Sometimes 2, but not always! If only I were training for something I’d be golden!

  6. I have eat the raisins, drink the Traverse Bay Farms tart cherry juice, but never thought about the baby food. I’ll have to get some from my local grocery store the next time I’m in.

  7. Just returned from the store with my Just Peaches and Just Apples. I’ll let you know.

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