Weekend recap

Friday night, I came home to a package delivery – my new trail shoes!! Joe and I had a huge day planned for Saturday, so took it easy the rest of the night, just walking to our My Brother’s Bar on the corner for dinner. Tuna salad sandwich for me and some fries and rings to share

IMG_2572[1]The next morning we were up bright and early heading to Rocky Mountain National Park for a day of back country riding! It was an absolutely beautiful day- blue sky’s and warm temps. IMG_2578[1]IMG_2582[1]

We stopped about an hour into the hike up to do a snow test. Avalanche reports were low to moderate, but we always test the snow ourselves too. Can’t be too safe! IMG_2590[1]

While Joe dug the hole, I had some chocolate covered espresso beans….I needed some extra energy 😉                                                                  DSCN0077[1]

A couple hours later, we decided it was time for lunch! Pickle, cheese and hummus sandwich for me 🙂                                                                      


After about 4 hours of hiking, we stopped just below the summit to admire the views.                                                                                  DSCN0075[1] DSCN0074[1]

Then, it was time to strap in and ride down!

IMG_2600[1]DSCN0091[1] DSCN0093[1]

It only took about 15 minutes to get down to the bottom, but it was the best run ever! Beers in the parking lot to cheer the day’s amazing-ness!                                                 IMG_2604[1]IMG_2605[1]

On the way out, we ran into a HUGE herd of Elk and another huge herd of mule deer!                                                                   IMG_2611[1]DSCN0105[1]DSCN0109[1]Of course we had to stop in Estes Park for some Taffy on the way home 🙂  IMG_2615[1]Saturday night we met up with some friends for dinner at a Nepalese Restaurant called the Sherpa House. I of course, forgot to take any pictures, but it was a super fun time! I had a shrimp curry that was really good, but kinda small. So, it was inevitable that we stop for fro-yo on the drive home.                                                   IMG_2618[1]Sunday we headed to Golden to do a trail run. We were both a bit tired and sore from the day before, so picked a 5 mile route with 2000 feet elevation gain. I got to break in my new trail shoes which was super exciting! It was a REALLY tough run and totally shows me I have a long way to go before my race in June…yikes! IMG_2620[1]

We followed it up with a late lunch at the Ale House.       IMG_2621[1]IMG_2622[1]Then some shopping at REI – they were having a huge gear exchange we wanted to check out 🙂 Joe Got a used Powder snowboard for $45!!!!!     IMG_2623[1]The weather was still beautiful so we enjoyed an evening snack/dinner on the balcony.                                                            IMG_2624[1]

How was your weekend? What did you do? Any races?

8 responses to “Weekend recap

  1. Your wknds are always full of adventure, good eats and fun…I love it!

  2. A pickle, cheese, and hummus sandwich sounds oddly delightful haha
    Love the pics of you with the elk! Kind of looks like you’re on safari 🙂 I got a chance to do some running and mountain biking this weekend.

  3. Sounds like an awesome weekend! That sandwich does sound good!

  4. What a fun and adventurous weekend! I love that you spend so much time outdoors 🙂

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