Easter Linner

Good morning friends! How was everyone’s Easter? I am back at work today and let me tell you- a week off was just not enough! The countdown to summer break has begun!

It was an absolutely beautiful day yesterday and I started the day with a short 5k run followed by an on demand ab video.                                                  IMG_2557[1]

Then it was time to start cooking for our Easter feast! We had an early dinner at a friends place planned and we were bringing Eggplant parm and some cookies!IMG_2554[1]There were only 5 of us and both Joe and another friend made some seriously authentic Italian food.   Soooooo good!                                                                  IMG_2560[1]It was great to be around friends on the holiday since we don’t have any family nearby.  Good times!                                                                                          IMG_2558[1]IMG_2562[1]

How was your Easter? 



11 responses to “Easter Linner

  1. I think we may have baked the same cookies for Easter! Did you use a recipe online? I did and they were great. Glad you had a great Easter with your friends!

  2. Oh the cookies look yummy! I am loving On Demand workouts!!

  3. I was going to make cookies this weekend but never got around to it :/ lol yours look great! And that’s awesome that you got to spend it with your friends 🙂

  4. Yum! Homemade Italian food is always a win! Oh and of course cookies! We go to my hubby’s grandparents with all his cousins etc. and there is so much food! Lots of fun too!

  5. jessielovestorun

    The cookies look good, but man your dinner plate looks incredible!

  6. That Indian food looks SO good! It is my current obession :).

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