Friday Favorites: spring break style

I really wish this vacation week would slow down a bit! It’s amazing how fast time goes when you aren’t working. haha. I have been having a great week, getting a lot of personal stuff done and going to spin & yoga which I hadn’t been making time for in months. Here’s some highlights from the last couple days.          IMG_2542[3]

1. I had a long overdue hair appointment to get my highlights redone and on a semi-whim I chopped off about 6 inches!!!!





2. Joe and I randomly went out to dinner on Tuesday night (we generally only eat out on the weekends) and I got this amazing green curry with shrimp. Totally forgot to take a picture at the restaurant, but here’s a look at the leftovers. mmmmm….I ❤ Thai food.                                                       IMG_2545[1]

3. sushi + wine + dark chocolate covered almonds                               IMG_2548[1]

4. My new trail running shoes that I got for an amazing deal on The Clymb     

5. One step closer to being a true CO resident!! (we will ignore the fact that I spent 2 hours and $150 at the DMV during my vacay)                                           IMG_2547[1]

6. Gorgeous Denver weather that continues to surprise me. It snows one day and is sunny and 65 the next….I’m in love 🙂                                                               IMG_2550[1]


Have a great weekend and HAPPY EASTER everyone!

If you celebrate Easter, what are your plans?

10 responses to “Friday Favorites: spring break style

  1. Sushi and thai are two of my favorite types of meals. Yum! Have a great Easter too! Enjoy the rest of your vacation 🙂

  2. Your hair looks great!!! Mixing it up is always fun 🙂 And love getting a deal, enjoy the shoes!

  3. Your hair looks super cute. I wish I was brave enough to cut mine, maybe one day!

  4. Your hair looks great! Love getting a new cut/style for spring! The curry sounds so good! I just discovered recently that I like green curry! Yum!

  5. jessielovestorun

    Your hair looks great! Enjoy your weekend darling ❤

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