Last Friday night Joe and I went out to dinner to celebrate St. Joseph’s Day. Usually his parents would come into the city from New Jersey and take us to dinner, but since we moved to Colorado a couple months ago, I wanted to do something special for him. I made reservations at a ‘new to us’ restaurant in our neighborhood – Vita.

It had a very young hip vibe and the menu offered soooo many things that sounded good. They have a lot of small plates and tapas so you can really try a bunch of different things.                                                                                     IMG_2503[1]IMG_2505[1]

We started with a couple of beers and the chef’s meat and cheese plate. I obviously stuck to the cheese and berries, but Joe loved the unique meats they offered…wild boar, duck, moose….yowsa!                                                                                IMG_2502[1] IMG_2506[1]

Then we had sliders; 1 pork (for Joe), 1 tofu (for me), and 2 portobella. Both were good, but my favorite was definitely the portobella.                                   IMG_2508[1]

We ended with the grilled mahi mahi. It was on top of a bed of sweet potato in like tiny bite form. Soooooo good!                                                                             IMG_2509[1]

Earlier in the day I had driven (quite a ways) to an authentic Italian bakery to get Joe some surprise cookies. They made a great dessert to come home to!     IMG_2500[1] IMG_2501[1]

It was such a great date night and I loved being able to treat Joe since he always takes me out :). Our first St. Joseph’s Day celebration alone was a success! So….how do I get a St. Lish Day???? 😉

Do you celebrate any special holidays that many other people don’t? 

10 responses to “Vita

  1. Seriously! I want a St. Leslee day! What a fun celebration. Those tri-colored cookies look so good and I would have been all over that meat and cheese plate. It looks very artsy!

  2. Those sliders look and sound AWESOME!! Tofu AND portobello? Yum! 🙂

  3. What a nice treat! I love tapas and wish more restaurants would offer them that way you get to try so many different things. The cheese tray looks so good!

  4. Oh goodness those Italian goodies look so YUM!! I wish we had something like that down here. Loving the tapas too.

  5. That’s so fun to celebrate a holiday most people don’t think to observe…When I was little I used to celebrate my half birthday lol.

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