ride, pickle, hike, climb, mountain pie :)

Good Monday morning to you all! I am not at work as today is day 1 of SPRING BREAK!! It felt so good to send Joe off to work this morning and then curl up on the couch with a cup of coffee…ahhhhh.

Anyway, I have to share with you all of the excitement from the weekend because there was a lot! We had a big snowstorm on Friday night, so Joe and I got up early Saturday to head to the mountains. We spent the morning riding at A-Basin, but it was bitter cold and practically no visibility, so we didn’t last long.                        IMG_2378[1]

On the way home, we made a super exciting stop…a tiny ski shop in Golden that I had ordered a new snowboard from. I’ve had my eye on this Arbor board all season and have just been waiting for it to go on sale. This place had the best price around, so I ordered it online last week with my tax refund money 🙂   IMG_2510[1]

Beautiful, right?!?!?! I cannot wait to get her out on the snow 🙂 After picking up my new toy we had to hurry back to Denver; there was an event going on at the brewery across the street from us that I DID NOT want to miss!                    

Yes, you read that correctly…an entire event devoted to pairing pickles and beer!!! If you know me, you know my favorite food is pickles and I couldn’t think of a better beverage to pair them with than craft beer! The pickles were provided by The Real Dill and they were really unique and delicious! You should definitely check them out!                                   IMG_2512[1]

Plus…a spicy pickle eating contest!!!! Count me in!!!!! Me and 11 other pickle crazy people entered this contest and stepped up to the table. We had a plate of 6 insanely spicy pickles and 1 habenero pepper. The first one to finish there plate would wind a growler of beer and a jar of pickles. This. was. serious.

IMG_2514[1]I actually did pretty well…it wasn’t the spicy-ness that got me, it was the speed I had to chew at! I managed to get 3.5 in before the huge man at the end of the table finished. Ah well..I will get em next year 😉                                         IMG_2515[1]

I did eventually eat the rest of them (they were really good!) and just for kicks, I ate the pepper too (that was a bit intense- haha).

On Sunday, Joe and I decided to let ourselves sleep in and do something different than snowboard. So, we headed to Boulder and found awesome trail to snowshoe/hike.                                                                                               DSCN0067 DSCN0071 DSCN0072

It wasn’t a long hike, but was basically straight up, so took us a little over 3 hours and was definitely a quad killer!

After that we decided to check out the climbing gym in town. We had a couple free day passes and since the weather will be warming soon we need to get back into climbing shape before heading out onto the rocks.                                 IMG_2523[1] IMG_2520[1]

The facility was really nice and we will definitely be going back. I haven’t climbed since the fall and my body was not super happy about it, but it felt really good to be channeling my inner spider again 🙂

After all this activity, we were starving! It was time to officially try a mountain pie at Beau Joes.                                                                                          IMG_2524[1]

As New Yorkers, Joe and I are pretty picky about our pizza and frankly, Colorado pizza has been pretty disappointing so far. However, we’ve been told we have to try a mountain pie and since Adam from MVF visited this place, we decided it was worth a shot. We started with the salad bar, which was awesome.                  IMG_2525[1]

Then it was time for the pie….Adam from MVF went for the crazy 14.277 pound mountain pie…Joe and I stuck to the 2 pounder (and we still didn’t finish it!). Toppings were: mushroom, kalamata olives and artichoke hearts.          IMG_2526[1]

The verdict….really pleasantly surprised! The crust was super soft and doughy, the toppings were delicious and it had the exact right amount of cheese. I would totally go back!

It was an awesome weekend and made even better by the fact that I have the whole week off of work! Lots of errand planned, but lots of workouts too!

Have you ever entered a food competition? Have you ever had a mountain pie?


14 responses to “ride, pickle, hike, climb, mountain pie :)

  1. Your weekend looks like a blast. Enjoy your new board and I would definitely jump at the chance to go to a pickle/beer fest. What a fun idea!

  2. We are picky about our pizza too, but Nick and I love Beau Jo’s! Had it this weekend, also!

    Happy Spring Break! I am catching up on blogs for Day 1. 😉

  3. Yummy yummy eats! Love spicy pickles!!

    Jealous of you spring breakin’ it 🙂 Enjoy!

  4. What!?! A pickle and beer tasting! That’s awesome! The pizza looks amazing! I love thick, soft, chewy crust and lots of sauce!

  5. That pizza looks awesome!! I would totally help you eat that! 😉

  6. jessielovestorun

    Pickle & beer tasting + a mountain pie (never tried, but um i’m drooling over the picture) = greatest weekend meals!

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