Lucky Laces recap + a lazy Sunday

Good morning! How was your weekend? I am hoping this week flies by because SPRING BREAK starts at the end of the day on Friday!! Cannot wait!

Let’s take a look at the weekend…on Friday I picked up our race packets for the Lucky Laces St. Pat’s race. IMG_2466[1] IMG_2467[1]

Then I threw together some pasta and vegan meatballs for dinner.   IMG_2471[1]

The next morning we made our way to City Park and to the start line. It was pretty chilly out, so we were anxious to get started!                                 IMG_2472[1]

The course was really curvy which made it hard to keep a steady pace, but Joe and I stayed together and hovered around 8:10 for most of it. Then we both kicked it in for the last .2 miles. I came in at 51:36…not my best time, but I just wanted to have fun.                                                                                   IMG_2474[1]After the race we came home to shower and make some lunch…hummus and veggie sandwich!                                                                                       IMG_2475[1]Then it was time to head out for some St. Patrick’s style celebrations. We bar hopped for a little bit with friends, but definitely weren’t out too late.     IMG_2477[1]IMG_2481[1]On Sunday we had planned to go to the mountains for some snowboarding, but I just wasn’t feeling it. I think my body needed a day of rest. So, Joe went with a friend and I stayed home for some serious lazing about. I did some laundry, painted my toenails and got caught up on my stack of magazines.           IMG_2484[1]When Joe got home we made a kale, mushroom and tomato pizza- yum!!  IMG_2485[1]IMG_2486[1]

How was your weekend? What did you do?

8 responses to “Lucky Laces recap + a lazy Sunday

  1. Love your race day outfit! And that kale and mushroom pizza looks so delicious! Save me a slice?

  2. Way to go! Loving the socks of course 🙂

  3. What kind of bread do you use for your sandwich? Looks good and so does that pizza! Lovin’ your race day outfit!

    • Thanks! The bread was just an artisan Italian loaf I found at Natural Grocers…I usually try to get some kind of whole wheat, but grabbed this in a pinch and it is really good 🙂

  4. I wish I would have done a St. Patrick’s day race! I love to see all the green running outfits. A lazy Sunday (or any fay for that matter) sounds heavenly! I’ve been craving a day of magazines, nails, and catching up on DVR. But… with a toddler, those day’s are pretty absolute lately! We have lots of other fun though 🙂

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