Madeline Sorkin

Last night Joe and I went to an event held at REI. We are fortunate to live right down the block from the huge flagship store in Denver. It’s pretty amazing in there and we can be found wondering around drooling over gear pretty often.

REI Store in Denver,  CO

pic from their website

Madeline Sorkin was there to speak about her adventures as a big wall free climber. She has made several first or early ascents of 5.12/5.13 Grade VI (multi-day) climbs, often in female teams. 2012 was a busy climbing year for Madaleine. She recently returned from a big-wall free climbing expedition to the Ak Su valley of Kyrgyzstan with partner, Nik Berry [excerpt from REI website].

It was a pretty cool presentation…a little long, but she showed some amazing pictures!

Dinner last night was thrown together quickly since we had gotten home late and I was tired! Shrimp salad on a bagel + roasted red pepper soup.


Here’s a crazy new Tribesports Challenge for you all. It looks insanely hard, but it’s going to be 68 today and maybe Joe and I will go to the park and give it a try tonight!

Round 1

One set max press ups – you must do the exercise continually, if you pause or break in momentum or your form deteriorates, stop there. This then gives you your max rep

3x20m Shuttle sprints out and Kangaroo jumps (forward moving squat jumps) back – out and back is 1 rep

Round 2

One set max Burpees – same rules apply, you must maintain continuous momentum for the entire set, once momentum is broken, stop and count that as your max reps

3x20m Shuttle sprints out and Kangaroo jumps back

Round 3

One set max Squat Thrusts – again same rules, the moment your feet stop moving or your form deteriorates that is your max reps

3x20m Shuttle sprints out and Kangaroo jumps back

Do you like circuit workouts like this? 

What is your go-to quick meal when you don’t have a lot of time or don’t feel like cooking?

8 responses to “Madeline Sorkin

  1. REI is awesome- do you like to rock climb? I love it but it’s hard to make time for it that’s for sure. Your quick meal looks good. Unfortunately my quick meals turn out to be me standing looking at my food and grabbing random things! I need to make a healthy sandwich like you instead!

    • I do the same thing when I am alone, but if my boyfriends home too I try to make something better.
      Joe and i both rock climb, but your right- it is hard to make time. As soon as snowboarding season ends, rock climbing and skydiving season begins for us 🙂

  2. What a cool presentation to go to! My go-to quick meal is usually some version of scrambled eggs. But if I’m really hungry and can’t wait to cook something, I’ll probably grab at the container of pub mix I keep for an emergency snack 🙂

  3. Shrimp salad on a bagel! Sounds awesome. I loooove circuit workouts so I’d like to give this one a try.

  4. I enjoy circuit workouts a lot. I hope you guys have fun doing it together! My go to meal is def quesadillas(spelling?) with salsa, yum!

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