kettle bells & salmon burgers

I have never tried kettle bells, but have heard great things. My little apartment gym doesn’t have them, so I will have to wait a while still, but Tribesports has released a new challenge that looks pretty awesome!                                           lauren brooks kettle bell workout

Click the image to check out the challenge and let me know what you think if you try it.

Last night’s dinner was a new one! Really easy and tasty 🙂 Salmon burgers (pre-made & frozen) with spinach, sauteed red peppers, and pesto mayo. I threw some leftover fries on the plate to complete the meal and it was delish!                    IMG_2448[1]

I have Girls on the Run after work today and then hoping to make it home for run club. Hope you all have a wonderful Tuesday!

Do you work out with kettlebells? 

6 responses to “kettle bells & salmon burgers

  1. My apartment gym doesn’t have kettle bells either. I wonder if you could just swap in free weights?

  2. I haven’t tried kettle balls yet, but I’ve heard good things. Planet Fitness doesn’t have them, so I’d probably have to purchase them myself. Burger looks great!

  3. I have actually never tried those! Want to try those and also TRX!!

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