I have a feeling this week is going to go slow….ugh. Things at work are insane right now because we have report cards and parent/teacher conferences at the end of the week…looking forward to when the insanity ends.

To de-stress a bit, I knocked out a 6-mile run when I got home then spent some QT with my old friend here.

IMG_2388[1]Dinner was macaroni shells with cauliflower, seitan and Joe’s home-made marinara sauce.  Delicious, quick, and easy!                                            IMG_2387[1]

Here’s hoping today flies by and I am super productive!! haha

How do you deal with feeling stressed/overwhelmed?


12 responses to “tuesday

  1. Stressed/overwhelmed –> best remedy is running!
    I shared your funny on FB (gave you credit) – it’s so funny!
    Do you have a FB page – couldn’t find it?

    • I have a personal FB page, but not a jumpeatrun one…yet. I may start one, but I feel like I have too much social media to keep up with now as it is! haha.
      thanks for sharing the cartoon though!

  2. I tried my foam roller last night for the first time and Oh. My. God. It hurts…but then feels so good!

  3. I love a quick and delicious meal!

  4. Never had seitan before…what does it taste like? Maybe I should try it!

  5. hmmm being stressed?? I cry hahahah!! jk.. not really :p

    But no really, running does help me with that hahaha running without music for some reason 🙂 hoping the week goes by quickly for you!!! xx

    • thanks! it seems to be moving along..although I would be much happier if it was Friday 🙂
      Running definitely helps me too, which I have done the last 2 nights. Hope things are getting a bit less stressful for you too!!

  6. After this week, I suggest pampering yourself to a relaxing massage 🙂

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