Hidden Valley

Happy Tuesday everyone! I hope you all enjoyed the extended weekend (if you had Monday off). Joe and I certainly had a good time.

I picked up our rental gear (shovels, beacons, probes) on my way home from work Friday, so early Saturday morning, we packed up the jeep and headed to Rocky Mountain National Park to meet our guide Rob.                                           IMG_2347[1] IMG_2350[2] IMG_2351[1] IMG_2352[1] IMG_2353[1]

After chatting about avalanche safety and checking our gear, we strapped on our snow shoes and headed up the mountain. Rob took us to a really cool area of the park called Hidden Valley. Many many years ago, there had been a ski resort there, but now it has all grown in with trees and whatnot.DSCN0060[1]

We hiked up for about an hour before stopping to do some avalanche tests on the snow. The snow was pretty unstable, so we decided not to head up much higher than the tree line. So, we strapped in and took our first run down. It was really challenging dodging rocks and trees. And, it was a whole new experience riding on powder as opposed to groomed resort trails.                                                DSCN0063[1]DSCN0062[1]

When we got to the bottom, we transitioned back into our snowshoes and headed back up to do it again. This time we ate a quick lunch before strapping in to ride down again.                                                                                                     DSCN0061[1]

For our third run, we ventured to a new area and climbed a bit higher- getting up to around 10,000 feet in elevation. This run was an awesome one and Joe and I definitely want to go back to the area. By the time we got down it was about 3:00 and we were so incredibly exhausted…my legs were like jello. We headed back to the car, said good-bye to Rob and set out to find our hotel. As we left the park, we ran into this guy! Hello Mr. Elk! He was MASSIVE!                                           IMG_2356[1]

This was the hardest, most intense and most rewarding workout EVER!! Believe me, my muscled are still feeling it. Joe and I grabbed a veggie burger at the Estes Park Brewery, but called it an early night. We had high hopes of riding again the next day without the guide.                                                                        IMG_2358[1]

However, we woke up not feeling too great. I won’t go into details, but we seemed to catch some weird stomach bug that left us needing to stay near a bathroom. 😦 So, we decided it wouldn’t be the smartest idea to head up the mountain again.

We walked around Estes Park a bit – it’s a funky little mountain town. I found this store of heaven.                                                                                  IMG_2360[1]

Then, we hopped in the car and headed back to Denver. We spent the evening relaxing on the couch and trying to get our stomachs back to normal.

Monday was spent running errands, writing, prepping for the week ahead and tying up some loose ends. And, lunch at Cherry Cricket 🙂 Avocado sandwich- yum!                                                                                                    IMG_2361[1]

All in all, we had an INCREDIBLE time riding in the backcountry and cannot wait to get back out there. I think we are planning to head back to Hidden Valley one day next weekend 🙂

Did you have a long weekend? What did you do?

7 responses to “Hidden Valley

  1. Unfortunately, I didn’t have a long weekend, but yours sure looks like it was a lot of fun. Such a cool mountain adventure. And I could totally dig one of those avocado sandwiches, please!

  2. OMG that burger…heaven…

    You are so cute in that pic! And what gorgeous views.

  3. I am always so amazed and impressed with all the outdoor fitness activities you & Joe get into weekend after weekend. Besides catching a stomach bug, your weekend (once again), sounds fabulous!

  4. That sounds like such a fun weekend. I wish my husband liked to ski. Those views are gorgeous!

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