January goals revisited


This was a long week and those rugrats totally wear me out! I finally managed to get in a run yesterday after work (the one I planned for Tuesday didn’t happen).  But, I zipped out of work right at 4:00, had some pop chips on my drive home and flew right back out the door to get my run on.                       IMG_2281[1]                        

I only did 4  miles at a pretty easy pace (Garmin didn’t want to register for about .5 miles), but it definitely felt good to get out there again-  I hadn’t run since my race in Boulder over a week and a half ago – getting sick totally knocked me out!


Dinner was a broccoli, red pepper, and cheese quiche! Yummmmmm…..  IMG_2283[1]

Now onto the goals….getting sick really put a damper on some of my January goals 😦 but that happens and I can always bump them into February! Let’s take a look at how they went:


1. 5 minute plank  – I am up to 3:45, but took a break when I got sick.

2. Hang out with 2 1 old friend who live in the area – met up with Brooke last weekend!! But…haven’t connected with Kim yet!

3. Do yoga at least twice a week –started good….but went downward (dog- ha!) when I got sick.

4. Run a 1/2 marathon – this will just be on my own. Unfortunately this one didn’t happen because of the flu as well 😦

5. Get a job!  This was probably the most important, and I did!! I’m teaching first grade!!

I will have some February goals up next week, and hopefully I will be able to do a little better on those!

What are your plans for the weekend?

17 responses to “January goals revisited

  1. I bet first graders are a handful! That sounds so fun though 🙂 glad you’re feeling better now and got in a run!

  2. That quiche looks delicious! Awesome getting that run in. It seriously helps to just leave for an exercise the minute you get home!

  3. OMG at that quiche! Looks awesome. Happy Friday to you!!

  4. yay for being able to cross job off your list 😉 I hear ya.. getting the flu really knocked me out too a while for me to bounce back into working out lol

  5. 5 min plank! Woah! That’s a bad ass goal!

    On Saturday I’m FINALLY going on a long run for my Eugene marathon training… This training cycle hasn’t been going too well… oops!

  6. Congrats on the 4 miles! And that quiche? Yum!

  7. jessielovestorun

    Mmmmm.. your quiche looks delicious! Again, congrats on the job 🙂

  8. Your title tells it all–good story.

  9. Great job on your goals! I taught second grade before becoming a stay at home mom and remember how exhausting some weeks could be. If not all! Although, it’s not much different now chasing a toddler around! Ha!

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