WIAW + Workouts #29

Another Wednesday has come around, so that means it’s time for What I Ate Wednesday. Thanks as usual to Jenn at PeasandCrayons for organizing the shin-dig. Click on over to her site to see what it’s all about!

Peas and Crayons

***NOTE!! This is not a normal day of eating for me…my appetite has been completely off since I’ve been sick, so I am sticking to just comforting bland(ish) foods. I typically have a much higher caloric intake***

Breakfast: oatmeal with 1 scoop coconut almond butter


Lunch: green machine                                                                                     IMG_2249[1]

Dinner: red pepper & tomato soup + grilled cheese                              IMG_2251[1]

Snacks:                                                                                         IMG_2250[1]

Workouts: Since I am still a bit sick, I am not going to make any plans for this weeks workouts. I’ve been resting since Sunday and plan to continue until I feel back to 100%. However, as of right now, Joe and I are planning to get in some good snowboarding on Saturday 🙂

I will leave you this Wednesday with a little Tribesports love. This was actually from last week, but if you didn’t catch it in the blogosphere or on their website, here you go! This is a great core challenge to get you moving! Crunch it up!!

6 types of crunches

What are your go to foods when you’re sick? 

16 responses to “WIAW + Workouts #29

  1. The flu is going around like crazy! Juices always make good lunches when I’m sick, too. Feel better!!

  2. jessielovestorun

    I have been seeing so many grilled cheese post.. gosh it sounds delicious!

  3. I’m sorry you were sick, I really hope you get well soon!

  4. Go-to foods would have to be lots of soup and my mom always made me baked potatoes as a kid…Oh, and NyQuil! (It’s a food group all on its own when I’m sick)

  5. Coconut almond butter…what what? I did not know that existed. Sounds amazing!

    When I’m sick I love to eat chicken soup or pho Vietnamese soup, and lots of hot tea with honey and lemon!

  6. You’re smart for taking it easy while sick! Hope you feel better! I like carbs when I’m sick like a grilled cheese. Yum!

  7. My go to sick foods are toast with almond butter, bananas and smoothies. Of coarse soup too! Hope you feel better soon!

  8. Oh no, I hope you feel better soon! And that red pepper and tomato soup sounds great, I’ve never added red pepper to it before! yum!

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