Trail running is hard

Hi everybody!! How was your weekend? Apparently I have found it difficult to work a full time job and blog because I couldn’t be bothered to update on Friday 😉 haha.

Thursday night Joe and I went on a double date to a really GOOD Mexican joint in our hood. I had the bean and cheese enchiladas – delish!IMG_2180[1]

Friday we just packed our gear for the mountain, got Fro-yo, and stayed on the couch. I think we were both asleep by 9:30 😉     IMG_2185[1]

We headed to A-basin Saturday morning and it was FREEZING!!!!! I mean negative 24…..I could only do 2 runs then had to go in to warm up…not my best day, but we still had fun.

We left the mountain early, and stopped for a tomato pie in our neighborhood.

IMG_2186[1]We had plans in Northern Colorado that night – DINNER THEATER! Joe’s Aunt got us tickets to Mame for Christmas, so we headed to Johnstown for the show.



The show wasn’t quite Broadway, but we really enjoyed it. I had the lemon pepper cod, which was also good, but the star of the meal was this dessert. Pumpkin creme brulee!                                                                     IMG_2190[1]

The next morning I had a 10 mile run planned (I wanted to do it last Wednesday or Thursday, but a new job get in the way). But Joe suggested trying our first trail run. We both want to get into this, so I was pumped. It was still CRAZY COLD, so we picked a shorter route with a HUGE elevation gain and set out.IMG_2191[1]

This trail was basically straight up and at 7 degrees I was not a happy camper! Also, we were told to look out for bobcats, mountain lions and moose….YIKES!

Here’s what we saw at the start!


Tons of mule deer! I struggled through the first couple miles, but enjoyed the rest (except my fingers/face were numb)….overall, here is what I learned :

  1. I need trail running shoes
  2. Wait til it’s at least 10 degrees to try this again!
  3. My lungs feel very different at 9000 feet than at the 5280 I have gotten use to in Denver.

IMG_2200[1]IMG_2192[1]IMG_2203[1] IMG_2195[1]

After thawing out from the run, we headed into the town of Golden to grab a bite and watch the Patriots (WOOOHOOO!). I had a portabello burger with the salad bar- goldfish!!!!                                                                                                        IMG_2206[1]IMG_2207[1]

Then it was home and to bed- full week of work ahead and we have a friend coming this weekend from NYC 🙂

How was your weekend? Did the cold front hit you or do you live in the warmer temps?

15 responses to “Trail running is hard

  1. Weekend was nice and relaxing, braved the gym and it wasn’t too busy! It was supposed to be warm in PA but if it was I have no idea because it was rainy and foggy and gross out! Blech!

  2. That looks like a killer salad bar!! I’ve heard Golden is a fun little town 🙂 Where was the trail you were on? I bought a pair of Saucony Xodus 3.0 trail runners – the tread feels like a monster truck tire when you first wear them but they are great!!

    • Good to know! I am definitely going to look into getting some trail shoes soon. Was it frigid in Aspen this weekend too?
      You should definitely check out Golden- it’s very old west-ish. I think it’s actually a lot cooler in the warmer months though.

      • it was FREEZING!!! I was in Steamboat with the team on Sat for a race and it was only 6 degrees, Aspen never made it above that either I don’t think. You are brave for being out on the mountain!!

  3. Oh my goodness that is such cold weather! I’m impressed you were able to run at all!

  4. omg that sounds so intense! I def wouldn’t have been able to run in that weather haha def impressive 🙂

  5. Wowzas, yummy eats! Trail running is definitely no punk!! 🙂

  6. jessielovestorun

    Oh man, you were the boss of that trail run!! I think I would’ve had to been carried to the car after the run to be quite honest =)

  7. You go girl! I’ve always wanted to try trail running as well but not in that temp! Yikes! My first thought as I read your post was do you need special shoes? Then I saw your number one need for next time. Guess so! I think I’ll try this spring 🙂

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