Good news I forgot to tell you!

As many of you know I spent last summer and fall training very hard for the 2012 New York City Marathon. I had spent the previous year running in 9 qualifying races and volunteering in order to meet the requirements for guaranteed entry. NYC marathon is insanely hard to get into via the lottery.

It was going to be my first full marathon and my last race as a New Yorker since Joe and I were moving to Colorado two weeks later. We were going to run it together and all of our family and friends were coming to cheer us on. My mom flew in from Michigan to support us too!

Then the devastating hurricane Sandy hit and the announcement came out – The New York City Marathon was cancelled for the first time in history. To say I was disappointed was an understatement- and I won’t rehash all of that – you can read the posts I wrote about it HERE and HERE.

For the last 2 months we have just been waiting to hear what would happen for everyone who was suppose to run. Would we get guaranteed entry? Would this just be a race that’s lost forever? New York Road Runner’s wouldn’t tell us anything and I have been a ball of anxiety waiting to hear!

Well, on Christmas Eve, NYRR sent out an email with this message:

MARATHON RUNNERSAll 2012 Marathoners may choose one of the following three options:
Option #1 – Refund. While NYRR has always had a no-refund policy for the Marathon, given these extraordinary circumstances, we are offering runners who were entered in the 2012 Marathon, and were unable to run due to the cancellation¹, the opportunity to obtain a full refund of their 2012 Marathon entry fee (excluding the $11 processing fee); OR
Option #2 – Guaranteed entry to the ING New York City Marathon for 2013, 2014, or 2015. Entrants in the 2012 Marathon who choose this option will be granted guaranteed entry to the Marathon for the year they choose. Runners will be required to pay all processing and entry fees at the time of application (in the given year), with fees maintained at the same rate as those paid in 2012; OR
Option #3 – Guaranteed entry to the NYC Half 2013. Entrants in the 2012 Marathon who choose this option will be granted guaranteed entry to the NYC Half 2013, to be run on March 17, 2013. Runners will be required to pay all processing and entry fees at the time of application. Availablity will be limited.

That means come THIS NOVEMBER, JOE AND I WILL BE RUNNING IT!! I cannot tell you how excited I was to receive this news! And, even though we have to pay the fee again (bringing this race to somewhere around $500)at least we get the chance to run. Plus, it will be a great reason to spend time with family and friends in NYC! Also…I do have to mention that running it will feel a billion times better after training for a year in the high altitude we live in now 🙂

That’s all for today! In keeping with today’s theme, I leave you with some old pics from past NYC races.                                                     UAE6 102_0980 IMAG0154 bk half


If you like doing races, when/what is your next race?

8 responses to “Good news I forgot to tell you!

  1. That’s so awesome! Just goes to show sometimes not so great news can have a good side in the end! 🙂

  2. Yay! You have something awesome to look forward to this year!

  3. I was thinking about signing up for a fun color run, just a 5k. We shall see, this crappy cold weather just makes me want to run to my treadmill and avoid the outdoors :/

  4. WOO!! Awesome 🙂 I’ve heard the NYC Marathon is a blast and that’s awesome that you and your hubs will be able to do it together! Plus I’m sure it will feel good to be back in the Big Apple

  5. Great news for you! NYC Marathon is on my running wish list. My next marathon is Boston.

  6. Great that you will still be able to run NYC!

  7. jessielovestorun

    What exciting news! So happy for you. I know how hard you had trained for it this past year!

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