New Year, New Partnership

HAPPY 2013!!!!!!

How did you ring in the new year? Joe and I stayed pretty low-key. We made eggplant naan pizza, had a couple beers and watched the fireworks from our balcony.                                                                                    IMG_2122[1] IMG_2124[1] IMG_2117[1] IMG_2137[1]

We also enjoyed a couple slices of this AMAZING “Almond Joy” apple.                 IMG_2142[1]

….Now, I want to tell you some exciting news!!!!!!

A couple weeks ago, I was invited by Tribesports to join in a blog partnership. I was super flattered and incredibly excited to get started!

Tribesports is a social network for sports, fitness and healthy living enthusiasts. They provide members with platforms to connect with others, take fitness challenges, share advice, and recipes with one another. You can also log your training data and goals you’ve achieved.

Since it’s a new year and a time when people are often making resolutions to lose weight, I think it’s important to keep in mind that the scale is not the best judge of success.

new year

There is so much more to focus on when trying to “get healthy”, and I love Tribesports’ approach to fitness.

To jump off the new year on the right foot, here’s a leg, chest & core workout and a stretching sequence to get you moving. You know you need to stretch more, so just do it!!! haha.

Leg chest and Core blaster get stretched


Are you a member of Tribesports? What did you do last night?

5 responses to “New Year, New Partnership

  1. Congrats!! That sounds like an awesome partnership and definitely a good fit for you 🙂 knowing that fitness is so much more than weight or fitting the mold we see in the media is so important and that is definitely a good reminder!! Thanks!

  2. jessielovestorun

    Tribesports is so lucky to have you girl.. and I’m happy to be your teammate =)

  3. yaaaaay!! Happy to be your teammate as well!

  4. Ahhh congrats girl…you totally are a right fit! Seriously! I am so happy for you…sounds super exciting and fun! Our NYE was low-key too…your homemade pizza looks a lot sexier than the soy chicken nuggets and sweet potato that I had, lol! Happy 2013 girl..can’t wait to keep reading about your adventures! Congrats again on the partnership! 🙂

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