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WIAW + Workouts #30

Happy Wednesday folks! Since I abandoned you all the last couple days, I will catch you up on the weekend’s happenings before we get into What I Ate Wednesday.

Joe and I had a super busy weekend starting with a celebratory dinner on Friday night. You all know I got a new job working in Special Education, but there has been an exciting shift with the job and Joe and I wanted to celebrate! The shift is that I am now teaching first grade!! One of the first grade teachers left and I was asked if I would like to step in…I have never taught first grade, so this was a big (and kind of scary) opportunity, but one that I was super excited to say YES to 🙂

Joe and I went to a new (to us) sushi place called Sushi Hai…. lots of rolls and sake plus live music, and it was a really good time!                                 IMG_2259[1] IMG_2260[1] IMG_2261[1] IMG_2262[1]

On Saturday morning we woke nice and early and headed to A-basin to snowboard for the day. The snow wasn’t that great and a lot of the terrain isn’t open yet, so we didn’t stay long. We headed back to Denver to meet a friend for a late lunch.

Sunday we headed to Breckenridge and had an AMAZING day of riding. The weather was beautiful and there was a bit of fresh snow.                           IMG_2265[1]

After we got off the mountain, we walked around Breck Village and checked out the ice sculptures from the Ice Carving Contest that was held last week. Some of them were really impressive.                                                                                IMG_2266[1] IMG_2268[1] IMG_2269[1]

Then we headed to Ollies to grab some food and drinks and meet up with a college roommate (freshman year) that  I hadn’t seen in 13 years!!!!!! It was so great to catch up and we had so much to talk about that I totally forgot to even get a picture! I did manage to get one of my delicious veggie wrap.          IMG_2271[1]

Brooke lives in Boulder, but we work really close to one another, so we will definitely be hanging out a lot more 🙂

Now onto WIAW!!                                                                                  Peas and Crayons

Breakfast: cherry Fage + banana                                                                    IMG_2273[1]

Lunch: veggie burger w/ cheese, spinach, tomato in whole wheat pita   IMG_2215[1]

Dinner: roasted red pepper soup + cheese quesadillaIMG_2276[1]

Snacks: Apple, animal crackers                                                                        IMG_2275[1]

Workouts I haven’t run since before I was sick, so I’m just sort of easing back into it.

  • sunday – snowboarding
  • monday – rest
  • tuesday – rest
  • wednesday – yoga
  • thursday – 5 mile run
  • friday -yoga
  • saturday- 7 mile run

Happy Wednesday everyone!

How do you get back into working out after sickness or injury?