Core Power Yoga Sculpt

So….I was suppose to join my new friend for a spin class last Thursday, but Joe got  an early flight home from LA and I had to pick him up at the same time. It all worked out because Jenny and I rescheduled for a Power Yoga Sculpt class the next day. All I knew is that it was hot yoga and it involved weights.

It had been well over a month since I had taken a hot yoga class and while I use to go all the time before I moved, heat + altitude + weights = slightly freaked out Lish. 😉

The studio is only about a 10 minute walk from my apartment and since I’m a NY’er at heart, we all know I prefer to walk anywhere that’s walk-able. I got to Core Power Yoga about 15 minutes early since I knew I would have to fill out paperwork and I didn’t want to make Jenny wait. Luckily they gave me a free week to try out the classes!

It was so nice inside- there’s a retail shop and a cozy little sitting area with a fireplace.

You go upstairs for the studios and locker rooms, which are also very clean, modern, and beautifully decorated.

Jenny and I grabbed our weights and headed into class…it quickly filled up and ended up totally packed! Pretty surprising for a noon class on a weekday. The studio is really pretty too- tons of natural light from the windows overlooking downtown Denver.

Lower Highlands Yoga Denver

Now about the class….holy crap- it was hard. It definitely wasn’t as hot as the 105 I am use to, and the teacher would turn on the AC every now and then to cool us down. But my heart rate was definitely up and I was working hard the whole time. We did a warm up without weights, then added them in to go through a few sequences on each side. Then it was onto the mat for core work, and back up again for more weighted sequences. We ended with some more flow without weights as a cool down, but I basically left feeling like a noodle.

The verdict? I would definitely go back to sculpt again, but I want to try some of their other classes too. I will make the most of my free week for sure and keep ya posted!

Also- this amazing-ness happened and I was too excited to eat it that I forget to take a picture first. ha!


Do you have a Core Power Yoga Studio near you? Ever done a a yoga class that included weights?

9 responses to “Core Power Yoga Sculpt

  1. jessielovestorun

    Sounds like an awesome workout! Oh how I wish we had those type of studios out here =(

  2. Wow I’m like impressed by how clean everything looks lol there’s a studio where I work but I have yet to try it out … def should though

  3. That lockerroom is gorgeous! I love finding new yoga studios:)

  4. That sounds like a great class! I have actually never done a hot yoga class or a core power yoga sculpt but I wonder if it’s similar to a Piyo class that I take. I love anything core related though so I would most likely enjoy this!

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