Jam packed weekend

Good morning everyone! How was your weekend? It was a seriously full one out here!

It started with Joe’s company Christmas party on Friday night. It was really fun and so great to get to know some of the people he’s working with. It ended up being a pretty late night, but we managed to get up nice and early on Saturday to drive out to a tree farm where we could chop down our own tree!


The trees were really weird…they had long trunks before any of the leaves/needles started.


We walked around a bunch before settling on one. We chopped it down and then had to chop off about 3 extra feet of trunk.

IMG_1911[1] IMG_1913[1]

The rest of Saturday was spent running errands, grocery shopping, and trying a new brewery for dinner. Then we got all of our snowboarding stuff ready and packed to go to the mountain on Sunday.


After sleeping a little longer than planned on Sunday morning, we finally got moving and headed west to the mountains.


We got to Keystone and were in the gondola heading to the top shortly after.

Photo: season opener at Keystone

It was completely freezing….


and I ended up getting pretty bad altitude sickness (had to stop and sit down a few times on the first run because I thought I was going to die). So, we actually didn’t ride for too long, but we did walk around the village and check out the shops- it’s super cute there.

When I started feeling a bit better, we stopped for a bite to eat and some people watching. Eventually we called it a day and headed back to Denver.


Too exhausted to cook, we picked up sandwiches from Jersey Mikes. I had been determined to try this place out since we moved here and it did not disappoint! I had the veggie and it was totally loaded with veg! Yum! We will definitely be regular customers 🙂


Our tree is still bare and Joe is traveling for work all week, so it may not get decorated for a few more days, but I will definitely post a picture when it’s done!


How was your weekend? Do you ski or snowboard?

9 responses to “Jam packed weekend

  1. Your tree looks so much better in your apartment, lol!…what a long trunk it had! Glad the party was fun for you (and him). Too bad about the altitude sickness but hopefully you’ll acclimate soon! And dangggg…it’s cold out there! It’s going to be 64* here today. Rich and I both snowboard but no snow+warm temps=no boarding yet. 😦 Have a great day girl and hope the job search is going well.

    • I know- these trees out here are really strange. haha. It looks so sad and lonely all bare though- definitely need to get him decorated asap!
      Riding in the Rocky Mountains is definitely a change from the Catskills – haha…fingers crossed you guys get some snow soon!

  2. That’s just so awesome that you guys actually cut your own tree lol (I’m a fake tree person)… that drive looks gorgeous! Must be such a difference from NY lol I’m a skiier but this year me and my friend are going to try snowboarding… hope I don’t freeze! lol!

    • The drive alone is worth the trip- I am just in love with the mountains out here 🙂
      It was really cool to cut down our own tree, but I think we will go to a different place next year…this one was a little creepy- haha.

  3. Loving that tree 🙂 Those are some chilly temps!!

  4. jessielovestorun

    Bummer about the altitude sickness girl. I’m glad you started feeling better though. If it counts for anything, the picture of you two is beautiful! I mean forreal, the background scenery is to die for! =)

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