Winter Toast & Stroll


Last night we attended a really cool event on our street. It’s the 6th annual Winter Toast and Stroll. Basically all of the shops and restaurants open up with snacks and drinks and you walk from one to the next. The goal is to visit each of the venues on the flyer and get a stamp. Then, you turn it in to the last one and you are entered into a drawing for prizes.

It was such a great way for us to check out everything in our neighborhood – especially stores we wouldn’t normally go in! I was a bad blogger and didn’t take any pictures of the snacks I ate, but I will tell you some of the favorites:

  1. spiked eggnog @ Eat + Drink
  2. saltwater taffy @ super cute boutique who’s name I can’t remember!
  3. sunshine wheat beer (brewed in Fort Collins, CO) @ GoLite Store
  4. cheese & olives @ Paris on the Platte

We ended the night with a beer at the Denver Beer Co. One of their walls is a huge chalkboard and it always has really cool murals drawn on it. Well, last night  the artist was there finishing his latest masterpiece! It was pretty cool to watch 🙂


I am taking a day off of running and going to do a little light yoga at home and then some elliptical.

Hope you all have a wonderful Thursday!

Are there any cool neighborhood events like this where you live?

One response to “Winter Toast & Stroll

  1. Sounds so cool! There ain’t nothing like that in my town, lol. Princeton has some cool events though which isn’t too far away. Happy yoga-ing! 🙂

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