Our new apartment

I thought I would show you all our new apartment here in Denver. We now have a second bedroom and bathroom, plus a fireplace, balcony, and washer and dryer in our unit….amazing!!

Here’s the building from the outside.


Here’s a couple of pictures off of our balcony.


That's our moving truck and you can see Platte River and the footbridge to downtown in the distance.

That’s our moving truck and you can see Platte River and the footbridge to downtown in the distance.

And some pictures of the inside – it’s a little more together today than in some of these pictures, but we are still hanging pictures and decorating for Christmas. Also….we lost all the hardware for our bed, so can’t put that together until we get it in the mail from Ikea. We’ve been sleeping on the pullout couch every night, which is the opposite of comfortable šŸ˜¦


That’s about all, but I will leave you with a beautiful picture of the first meal cooked in the new kitchen. Joe made pesto salmon with corn and tomatoes…YUM!!


When was the last time you moved to a new house/apartment? Do you like the unpacking/decorating or hate it?

10 responses to “Our new apartment

  1. it looks nice! I’ve actually never moved but I do hate unpacking when I go visit my family down in FL lol

  2. Super cute apartment!!! Looks like you’re just about settled in there nicely. šŸ™‚ Bummer about the bed though…I hope your Ikea stuff comes soon. I HATE packing/unpacking and moving…stressful, lol! But once I am settled in I am okay. šŸ˜‰

  3. jessielovestorun

    Love the new apartment girl. So cute =) At least I know if I ever come to visit, I’ll have a cute place to crash at, haha! just kidding.

    All seriously though, I’m glad you and Joe have been adapting to your new location so well.

  4. I know exactly where your building is! Have run past it many a time. Is that a mountain bike I see in your apartment? Does Joe bike?

    • That’s awesome that you know my building- we are loving this neighborhood! That is Joe’s mountain bike, but he hasn’t used it in about 4 years. His new boss is really into mountain biking and I want to get back into it too, so we are definitely going to go nuts in the spring šŸ™‚ Any places you can recommend would be awesome! We both have 2 more bikes mounted in the guest room as well. Joe has a street bike and I have a hybrid.
      You and the boy are big mountain bikers, right?

      • Nick is a lover of the mountain biking. I haven’t quite gotten into it yet. If I did it more often I’d feel a lot more confident, but I leave all that to him. šŸ˜‰ He knows a ton of places. Some of his favorites are Hall Ranch in Lyons, Betasso Preserve, Walker Ranch, and Heil Valley Ranch all in Boulder, White Ranch in Golden. Of course he is always up for new trails too! We were going up to some trails just west of Fort Collins this past summer.

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