Greetings from the Rocky Mountains!

Hello again everyone!! I’m sorry I have been totally MIA for the last couple weeks – moving really keeps ya busy! I have definitely missed you all and can’t wait to get caught up with all your blogs 🙂

Joe and I are officially moved in and LOVING Denver. Let me take you back a bit…

We packed up and left our NYC apartment right before Thanksgiving.


Then we headed to New Jersey to spend the holiday with Joe’s family. It was great to see everyone again before the big cross country move. mmmmm….thanksgiving….


From Jersey we headed to my family in Michigan and spent another full day there celebrating again!


After that we started heading west, making our first stop just past St. Louis. Then we continued on to our friends house in Manhattan, (ironic, huh) Kansas. I’d never been there, but it was a cute place and really great to hang out with Nick and Meghan!


The next morning we left bright and early for our final push into Denver. We got in around 5 and picked up the keys to our apartment. Unfortunately, we had to leave our truck at the U-Haul place, so didn’t have any of our stuff. Our movers weren’t coming until the morning and we didn’t have anywhere to park overnight. So, we headed out for dinner and slept in the floor in a sleeping bag we luckily had in the jeep! Good thing our carpet is nice and soft!


Joe and I have spent the following days getting moved in and exploring our new neighborhood. We went for our first run yesterday along the Platte River, which runs right next to our building.


Today is Joe’s first day of work and I am job hunting! I will fill you in on more of the move in tomorrow 🙂 Happy Monday everyone!

How is everyone? Did anyone do a Thanksgiving race? Tell me about it!!


3 responses to “Greetings from the Rocky Mountains!

  1. Glad to see you guys got there! It must be exciting! Happy decorating 😀 And good luck with the job search

  2. So happy you were able to drive cross country for the move…got to see fm and friends and amazing sights I’m sure! Glad you’re settled and I hope joe had a great first day at work! Good luck with your job search girl! 🙂

  3. YES YOU ARE BACK!! Girl, I’ve missed you! you don’t know how many times I just wanted to e-mail you and see how your trip ;has been, and how your thanksgiving was.. but I didn’t have your email 😦 😦 I’d love to hear more about your trip, so feel free to e-mail me “”. Ah, I’ve missed you!!

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