The official send off

Joe and I spent the weekend saying goodbye to all of our friends. On Friday we had drinks with some coworkers and then met up with friends for dinner.

Saturday was mostly spent packing, but we had a going away party planned for the night. First, I met my girlfriends at a BYOB sushi place on the upper east side called Poke.

The sushi there is always sooooo good. And, we got a couple special rolls that seemed appropriate for the night – The Manhattan and the New York. Both delicious 🙂

It was so great to have a last girls dinner with my two favorite ladies.

After dinner we walked to meet everyone else at Bar Coastal.Lots of people came to say goodbye and it was a really good time. Definitely bitter sweet- I’m really going to miss everyone!

On Sunday, Joe and I headed up to the Ranch, not to jump, but to take our favorite instructor, Linda to dinner. I’m so glad we had the chance to say goodbye to her and our favorite people at Bacchus. I love New Paltz and am definitely going to miss our weekend trips there to jump and climb.

It was a fantastic and super full weekend. Last one in NYC!! We still have tons of packing to do, so I am going to get back at it. Hope you all had a wonderful weekend as well!

What did you do this weekend? Anything exciting?

4 responses to “The official send off

  1. Good luck with packing! It must be a little bittersweet to leave NYC.

  2. That sushi sounds amazing! Have a great week:)

  3. jessielovestorun

    Eh, packing is definitely no fun at all. I’ve always hated packing, but loved the unpacking aspect of moving. I swear packing can be so stressful & just ridiculously time consuming. Glad you and the boy had such a great weekend w/ friends & saying goodbye. I know how hard good byes can be, but just remember your going to meet more amazing people soon 🙂

  4. Fun that you got to see all your friends before moving! I’ve been craving sushi for a few weeks now and your pictures just reminded me of that! I might have to talk the hubby into getting some for dinner now 🙂

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