Making Lemonade

Since the marathon wasn’t going to happen we had to come up with a whole new plan for my mom’s visit.

First, we went to a Michigan bar on the upper east side to watch the Michigan v. Minnesota game. Michigan won! Go Blue!

Then we decided since it was a cold fall day and we just felt like hanging inside, why not bake!

We picked up some ingredients and got started making a couple pies.

We made one pumpkin and one apple!

The rest of the night was spent being lazy and emailing this girl to see if she wanted to meet Joe and I in the park the next morning for a run in our marathon shirts. We heard others would be doing the same thing to celebrate race day and appreciate each other for all of the months of hard work. She immediately wrote back yes, so we were all super excited to get out there!

The next morning we put on our shirts and headed to the park and what we saw there literally brought tears to my eyes. Thousands upon thousands of marathoners out running, wearing there shirts, people lining the park to cheer, cowbells ringing and kids handing out water and gatorade. It was amazing.

We grabbed Catie and joined the masses. It felt so good to be a part of energy and lifted my spirits by a ton. When we came around to where the finish line was, we could see it was all still set up, including the stands which were packed with people. You couldn’t run through the finish (and we were going opposite direction), but you could walk around the gate and walk through where the finish is.

It was so incredible and I am so so so happy we got out there to experience it. Only these other runners could really know how we were feeling and what we’ve been going through these last few days.

After our run (we only did 10k- some people were running the whole 26.2 inside the park!!) Joe, my mom, and I met Stella for brunch at her friend’s restaurant, Lido.

Later we all met Joe’s parents for dinner.

Even though it wasn’t the plan we had for so many months, it turned into a wonderful weekend. One year to go til NYC 2013!

How was your weekend? What did you do? Any one run a race?


10 responses to “Making Lemonade

  1. this post literally brought tears to my eyes. you should all feel so proud of yourself ❤

  2. Thank you, thank you, thank you for inviting me on Sunday! It will be a day I will never forget! NYC 2013!!!!

  3. awww I’m so glad you had a great time even though your plans got changed 🙂

  4. nominating you for the inspiring blogger award!!

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