October Yoga Goal + A Recipe

Because of vacations and crazy work schedules, I have not been to yoga nearly as much as I would like to in the past couple of months. I feel so much stronger, more flexible and frankly, sane when I am going more regularly.

With less than one month to go until the marathon, I am setting a goal for myself to get to class AT LEAST 2 times a week and preferably 3. I totally felt my IT band tightening up during my runs lately and really took it as a sign that I am not stretching enough.

I got in my 2 times last week and I’m planning to go tomorrow and Friday… Can you guys hold me accountable?

Now on to a yummy recipe I made last Friday night.

Crab Quesedillas 


  • 1 can crab meat 
  • 1/2 can corn
  • guacamole (bought pre-made TJ’s this time, but usually home made)
  • 4 whole wheat tortillas
  • 1/2 cup blue cheese crumbles
  • salsa + greek yogurt to top

1. Mix, crab, corn and blue cheese together

2. Spread two tortillas with guacamole and place on griddle              

3. Layer on generous amount of crab mixture                                          

4. Spread guacamole on 2 other tortillas and place them on top. Then close top of griddle (if you have this type of grill/panini press. Warm until cheese melts and tortillas brown.        

5. Top with salsa and greek yogurt…Enjoy!                                           

How do you feel about yoga? Love? Hate? 

8 responses to “October Yoga Goal + A Recipe

  1. I am going to try and incorporate it more into my routine because I know how beneficial it is and now that my race is over…I can start incorporating more activities since I won’t be logging an insane amount of miles a week (for me, lol). My hubby would love that crab quesadilla but I would substitute in chicken or something, lol! Have a great day!! 🙂

  2. LOVE crab ques. I usually top mine w/ pineapple salsa. So so good 🙂

  3. You better go to yoga class or I’m going to beat you up!! (how’s that??) 🙂

    I wish I was a good and inventive cook like you. I think I need to try harder…

  4. Yes- thank you for the tough love!

  5. Those look so good!!! still havent tried it, really want to though, i have a feeling i will love it!!

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