Been spending all my life livin’ in a pumpkin paradise

If you can name the song & artist I was going for there, I will send you a giant pumpkin (not really, that would be expensive!).


**I want to give a huge GOOD LUCK  to the beautiful Melissa over at RunScootsRun in her ultra marathon this weekend** – I will be sending you good thoughts all day tomorrow!!!

I have gone completely pumpkin crazy and while my Trader Joe’s doesn’t carry the pumpkin Greek yogurt I have seen on so many blogs lately (you know who you are…Rach) this is finally in stock!!!!!

I also took a walk to Dunkin to get some K-cups for my Keurig.

Our little spinny cup holder thingy has never looked so beautiful.

And of course…there is this…ahhh

And, just for some pumpkin related cuteness…here’s my brother, sister in law and my 2 nephews on a recent trip to the pumpkin patch!

Joe and I are heading upstate to get in some fall skydiving and rock climbing this weekend and I cannot wait- it’s been to long! Unfortunately the weather is not looking like it’s going to cooperate with us…fingers crossed!!

Good luck to everyone who is running the Chicago Marathon this weekend!!!

Do you have anything exciting planned? Any long runs?

5 responses to “Been spending all my life livin’ in a pumpkin paradise

  1. I need to get that ice cream! Yum!
    My fingers are crossed for good weather!!!

  2. So much pumpkin! I wanna try pumpkin ice cream 😀

  3. I’ve been making my own homemade version of pumpkin ice cream.. but it would never live up to that pint of goodness!!

    Have an awesome weekend. Fingers crossed the weather works out in your favor xo

  4. caloricandcrazy

    I want to squeeze in a long run this weekend, but we’ll see how that goes…I was hoping to achieve that thru my 5k, but it was unfortunately canceled 😦

    I have to see if my Trader Joe’s sells that ice cream too. I know they have pumpkin greek yogurt which I still need to try!! 😀

  5. That kashi bar looks amazingly good!

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