Ireland Day 5 & 6

Connemara–> Gort–> Limerick–> Kilmallock–> Blarney

We got a bit of a slow start the day after wedding, but after checking out, Joe and I headed to Kylemore Abby (remember the big castle we saw the previous day from the top of the mountain?)

We took a tour of the castle, and gardens…so pretty!

Then we hopped in the car with plans to take a ferry to the Aran Islands…but we timed everything really poorly, so just decided to keep driving toward limerick. Unfortunately this happened just outside Galway.

The flat slowed us down and stressed us out a bit. So, we snacked on some candy. These may be my new favorite candy and I need to find them in the US.

We ended up stopping for the night in Gort. This was a really creepy town with a super weird vibe and we should have just kept driving to Limerick, but we were tired and hungry.

The next morning, we got up early to get out of Gort. In just a few kilometers we made it to Limerick and stopped to explore!

We took a tour of St. John’s castle which was really interesting.

Then it was back in the car…next stop, the super cute little village of Kilmallock. But first, an unplanned stop at the The Great Stone Circle.

my new friend, groundskeeper, Thomas Casey

Kilmallock was cool. We had a guinness at a little bar where 3 old men spoke to us and neither of us could decipher what the hell they were saying. smile and nod…smile and nod. haha. Back in the car….next stop Blarney!! We started with the castle.

Kissing the stone for luck!

it looks like my head fell off

Then, it was time to find a place to sleep for the night and get some dinner!

We found The Muskary Arms and ordered some food. It was delicious and the people were so nice! Then we heard live music was coming on later, so we found seats at the bar and ordered another round.

The show was amazing!! And we made some new Irish friends!

It was such a blast! One of the funnest nights by far and I definitely recommend a visit to Blarney if you go to Ireland!

If you’ve been to Ireland, did you kiss the Blarney Stone?

4 responses to “Ireland Day 5 & 6

  1. I love how much you two were able to do while you were in Ireland. All of your recaps are just so awesome girl! I told the hubs the other night how we must go asap!! haha

  2. I hate that creepy feeling when you go through certain towns! Too bad you had to spend the night to boot! Again, your pics and recaps are awesome! 🙂

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