Ireland- Day 4

WEDDING DAY in Connemara!

Joe and I awoke from a restful night at the manor and had a quick breakfast. Then we drove a mile up the road to Connemara National Park. We could see this mountain from the manor and had plans to tackle it!

I did not plan very well for this trip so ended up wearing Joe’s down jacket all day (please excuse the avocado colored coat that is 3 sizes to big).

The hike was really fun. It was super windy, but we sped right up to the summit and the whole thing took us less than 3 hours. Look at how pretty it was!

It was very windy

we spotted a castle below!


Then we basically jogged down the mountain because we realized Joe had to get ready and be in the grooms suite in about 2 hours!

While Joe hung out with the wedding party and took pictures, I watched some Irish soap operas and got ready for the wedding. When I heard the music, I headed out of my room and down to the front lawn. The groom was eagerly waiting…

The traditional Irish music was beautiful…

The procession started and down came Joe!

And finally the stunning bride!

It was a beautiful wedding- congrats to Christian and Shalah!!

Then it was time to party!

Lot’s of dancing occurred….

And then came the fake moustaches…

It was such a fun night with friends and a great way to celebrate Chris and Shalah’s next chapter in life!

8 responses to “Ireland- Day 4

  1. Such an awesome hike with gorgeous views!!! I would do anything to fly there right this second! Your posts have me falling completely in love with Ireland.

    What a beautiful bride. I LOVE her dress! It looks and seems like the most perfect wedding day ❤

  2. What an awesome looking hike! That coat looks hilarious on you, lol. I love how adventurous you two are! You looked great at the wedding and I loved the bride’s dress. I think you should permanently rock the stache, hehehehe. Happy Friday girl! 🙂

  3. Wow!! That mountain in the first picture is beautiful! I have family there, definitely somewhere I want to visit one day 🙂

  4. That looked like such a beautiful wedding!!!

    I’m sorry to hear that you are also sick right now! I hope you get better soon!!!

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