WIAW #15

Thanks to Jenn for organizing!Peas and Crayons

Since this is a week of Ireland recap posts, I thought I would use today to show you some of the meals I had while I was in Ireland. The one’s with meat were Joe’s, but looked pretty, so I took a picture :). Keep in mind that this was a vacation, so probably not the best representation of “good habits”.

traditional fish n’ chips

Night before the wedding at the Roseleague Manor:

lump crab with salad

half eaten seabass with asparagus and potatoes

cheese plate!

Wedding dinner:

hors d’oeuvres


lemon tart

tuna melt

veggie omelette

typical “full Irish”

goat cheese tart

sea bass w/ cous cous

leg of lamb

fish pie

and of course…plenty of this:

Workouts the last 2 weeks are all over the place as well. Joe and I did a TON of walking and hiking in Ireland, but ZERO running. I am trying to make up for that now…yikes!!!

7 responses to “WIAW #15

  1. Holy goodness, take me to Ireland RIGHT NOW! All of your meals look amazing girl!!!

  2. Everything looks so fancy and yummy! I want that tart and tuna melt, lol. So glad you got to experience Ireland and also different foods!

  3. Guinness always tastes a million times better in Ireland! I just stumbled across your blog – glad to see you’d a fantastic holiday.

  4. oo that Lemon tart looks great!!

  5. Oh man…I love food. Thus, I loved the pics. Hope to go to Ireland someday. And Germany for Oktoberfest.

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