Joe’s Jersey Shore 30th B-day weekend!

We spent the weekend at a friends house on the Jersey Shore to celebrate Joe’s 30th Birthday!

We got a late start after work on Friday and had to make a pit stop at his parents house to pick up the surfboards.

By the time we got to Jacquie’s  house it was almost midnight. We stayed up for a little while chatting with everyone, but finally called it a night.

The next morning I woke Joe up with a birthday muffin!

Then we all headed out to the pool/beach. The waves were a little crazy, so nobody wanted to surf or go in the ocean. 

Instead we hung around by the pool. It was really humid, so it was nice to be  in the water.

The boys shucked some clams. 300 to be exact.

Chef Matt made antipasti platters for lunch.

And he planned a huge seafood feast for dinner.

Photo: 20 pounds of crab, 10 pounds of mussels, 300 clams, 10 pounds of shrimp, yeeeeeaaa budddy!

Everything was so delicious, but in the middle of dinner a huge storm came and we got soaked. Nobody wanted to leave the food, so we just opened the umbrellas and waited it out. It stopped eventually 🙂

As it got darker, we moved the party inside. I made Joe a skydiving monkey cake, which was really good, but barely got eaten because everyone was so full of fish!



We stayed up late again and birthday debauchery ensued, but it was a really fun time.

Sunday morning, Joe and I packed up our stuff, said goodbye and headed out to the beach for a bit. 

The previous days rain seemed to have killed all the humidity, because it was actually pretty chilly out! We didn’t stay long; we were both hungry and cold so we headed to Surf Taco for lunch.

I had one mahi mahi taco and one shrimp taco. Holy yum!

After lunch, we headed back to Joe’s parents. They had a b-day dinner with the family planned. We got there early enough to spend a few hours laying around/being lazy.

It was an awesome weekend of family and friends and a great way to celebrate Joe’s b-day. I still need to fit in the weekends 12 mile run, but I have that planned for Wednesday morning..I am loving the cooler temperatures!

Crazy busy week ahead as we leave for Ireland on Friday!!!!!!!

How was your weekend? Do anything exciting?

6 responses to “Joe’s Jersey Shore 30th B-day weekend!

  1. I thought of you Saturday and was wondering how you were making out. It sounds and looks like you had a fun time regardless of the icky weather on Saturday. Yesterday was so gorgeous. My coworker recommended surf taco. One of them goes to pt. pleasant all the time and one lives in spring lake now. Cute cake you made him and glad u got fam and friend time! 🙂 the muffin w the candle was adorable btw.

  2. That is sooo exciting that you’re going to Ireland!!! I’m so jealous, I hear it’s beautiful!

  3. Looks like so much fun! I’ve never shucked clams…I have to do this next time I’m at the shore

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