Hello 16 miles (take 2)

Ok…here we go again. I am so annoyed that my post from Tuesday completely disappeared. I blame my work computer (probably a sign that I should stop blogging at work 😉 ).

Anyway….over the weekend, Joe and I were in Jersey/Philly for our friend’s wedding festivities. I have another post coming about the wedding, so hold on for that one!

But first, lets talk about my new PDR of 16 miles! Joe was already in Jersey when I arrived on Saturday evening (he had gone early for pre-wedding party) so we planned to get up early on Sunday and get in our 16 miles before heading to Philly for the wedding.

His lovely parents were nice enough to take us out for a pre-long run dinner at Spigola.

[photo from website]

Let’s drool over some food pics….everything was sooooo good!

lump crab meat with mustard dipping sauce


And now, onto the run. Joe planned a route through Veterans Park that he use to run when he did cross country in high school.  it was mostly grass and trails which slowed the pace a bit, but was probably more gentle on the joints.

It was horribly humid out and that made the whole run kind of a struggle, but we both had lots of water on us and tried to stay well hydrated. It was actually cloudy for most of the run which helped a bit.

hello friends!

We shared a pack of Strawberry Gu Chomps around mile 9. They tasted really good, but might be too big of bites for my mouth. I felt like I had to do a lot of chewing. I’m still thinking sport beans are my favorite so far.

It was a really tiring run and just made me crave the cooler temps even more. After a good stretch session and lots of gatorade, we headed home to make a quick bite. Veggie sandwich with cheese + many unpictured pickles for me!

Then it was time to head to the hotel in Philly to get ready for the wedding!!

Have you tried the Gu Chomps? What is your favorite way to fuel on a long run?

10 responses to “Hello 16 miles (take 2)

  1. It was def humid this weekend…good for you guys for getting it one though! I used to use gu chomps but now I use the honey stinger chews..smaller and easier to chew. Looking forward to hearing he the wedding was! 🙂

    • I need to try the honey stinger’s. I know you always use them and I’ve heard good things from other people too. I will pick some up to try out on the next long run 🙂 Do you have any flavor recommendations?

  2. I have used Gu Chomps but I think Honey Stinger chews are the best! I also now make my own “Gu” with a chia seek-cacao mixture that is actually quite delightful and not as harsh on the tum. I’m new to your blog are you training for your first marathon? Which one?

    • Oooh- those sound really good. I use to make chia/granola bite things, but they would have been way too huge to chew!
      I am training for my first marathon! yikes! I’m doing NYC on November 4th 🙂
      Welcome to my blog!!

  3. I’m with you on the chomps being a bit big.. love and live by the jelly beans! So friggen excited for your new PD girl 🙂 🙂 I know how amazing it feels, and can only imagine the high you had the rest of the day!

    • Such a good feeling! this weekend i cut back to 12, but next weekend I have 18 on the schedule to do while I’m in ireland…kind of intimidating, but also sort of excited 🙂

      • jessielovestorun

        That’ll be such an awesome run. You probably won’t even realize how far you’ve run by the end of it. I can only imagine how beautiful the scenery will be for you.

  4. wow! 16 miles! That’s awesome!! I never did a long run (my longest was 6) but I usually have some form of nut butter after lol usually a PB&J

  5. Sounds like a great run! I love the feeling of breaking a PDR! Feel so strong and capable of smashing your goals :). Well done! I like to fuel my long runs with 2 pieces of toast with peanut butter, honey and banana. Standard for me.

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