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Ireland Day 7

Blarney–> Cork–> Middleton–> Wicklow

While sad to say goodbye to Blarney, Joe and I were excited to continue our journey…we couldn’t believe we only had 2 more days in Ireland! We set off to Cork. While there we walked around the English Market.

And rang the bells in the Shandon Abby (four faced liar).

They had a songbook and the bell strings were numbered so you could play a song. Joe and I tried to play the wedding march in honor of our friends wedding (and the whole reason we were in Ireland!). However, neither of us are very musically inclined 😉

You had to wear these really goofy headphones the rest of the walk to the top of the tower in case someone else came in to ring the bells…we literally had to climb over them to get to the top!!

those are the bells behind Joe!

view from the top of Cork

We walked around the city a bit more…how do you think this car got here?? It was all stairs!

Then we headed to the Jameson distilery in Middleton. It was really cool to learn about the process of making whiskey!

don’t let this picture fool you- I am not a whiskey drinker- I had about 2 sips, but Joe had to finish mine

After our tour, we hit the road for a LONG drive to Wicklow on the east coast. We pulled in just after dark and were SO lucky to find a room!

We were also lucky to find a pub/restaurant that was still serving food at 9pm. Most places in Ireland stop serving food at around 8/8:30. We ate at the Bridge Tavern and they happened to have a big party with a live band happening!

Then it was off to bed…only 1 day of vacation left 😦