jump, eat, climb, repeat…

Happy Monday everyone! I had an AMAZING weekend!! let’s recap!

Joe and I got to The Ranch around 3 on Saturday and the weather was beautiful! We got on a load, checked our gear and headed into the sky!

Jump #1 was incredible- felt so good to be back up there! And, I nailed the landing! Things were pretty slow, so Joe and I were able to get on another load and go up for a second jump before sunset. This one went just as well and my landing was just as nice too! SO MUCH FUN!

We left the ranch and zipped over to the campsite to set up our tent, then we headed back in to town to grab some dinner at Bacchus. Look at the beautiful sunset we got to enjoy on the drive.

We started with the usual crab avocado dip and I had a Bear Republic to drink.

And, we split a veggie burger with curly fries

There was a really good 80’s cover band playing, so we stayed and rocked out for a bit 😉 Then, it was back to the tent for a good nights sleep!

Sunday morning we woke up early and packed up the tent.

After grabbing some coffee and sandwiches for later, we headed up to the mountains

Joe set up the ropes while I enjoyed the views.

Then it was time to climb!

We played around on the rocks for a couple hours until we were sufficiently exhausted. Then we had a little picnic on top!

mozzerella, portabello, red pepper, onion. yum!

Over lunch we decided it was just too beautiful of a day not to jump out of a plane. So…we cleaned up the ropes and headed back over the The Ranch.

We were able to get right on a load and had another really great jump and fantastic landing 🙂

Then it was back to Bacchus for a quick snack and beer.

Then we hit the road and got back to the city around 10. Such an incredible weekend- wish it didn’t have to end!

What did you do this weekend? 

11 responses to “jump, eat, climb, repeat…

  1. What an awesome weekend you two had! Looks like a blast and it definitely stinks Monday is here already!

  2. jessielovestorun

    So happy the weather turned out to be perfect for y’all, and you were able to jump outta planes (crazy girl!).

  3. Wow! You jumped out of planes?? That’s something I’d never be able to do haha you are brave 🙂

  4. Sounds like such a great weekend! So much fun. I traveled to visit some friends and am SUPER tired today because we got no sleep and stayed out too late lol

  5. What a fun weekend! Those photos of your food is making me sooo hungry! haha

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