DIY Pickles & Somewhere you should visit

I made pickles!!!!

Haha- I’m sure this is not the most difficult thing in the world, but I am very proud of myself.

When I was in Maine, I found this packet of pickle mix at a health food store.

They had all varieties, but I decided on sweet because I almost never buy the sweet kind for myself. I don’t eat them as quickly, so they last longer too.

Next step was to get all the other ingredients together.

The amount of sugar the recipe called for seemed obscene, so I cut it in half. Heat sugar, water, seasoning mix, and vinegar just to a boil. Slice cucumbers.

Pour hot liquid over cucumbers and cool to room temperature.

After some time in the fridge, I had some on a salad and thought they were really good. Plenty sweet, so I’m glad I cut back on the sugar too!

Now onto somewhere you should visit. Have you ever been to Newburyport, Massachusetts? ItΒ  is a seriously adorable little Cape Town. I’ve been there once before, but it was many moons ago. So, when Joe and I decided to stop there on our drive back from Maine, I was super excited.

We pulled in just around lunch time.

After walking around for a bit, we decided to stop for lunch at a well known Irish Pub,Β The Grog

They have over 32 beers on tap!! I ordered a Ludicris IPA and Joe got a Brutal IPA.

For lunch we ordered the haddock sandwich and crabcakes. Both were SO GOOD!! I miss the seafood of New England!!

There are a ton of cute little shops and nooks to pop in. Plus, it’s right on the water, so you can walk along and wish you owned a boat as well.

I definitely recommend you check it out!

have you ever pickled anything? Have you been to Newburyport, or a cute little town just like it?

11 responses to “DIY Pickles & Somewhere you should visit

  1. I love the Grog! I live about 15 minutes from Newburyport so I visit often πŸ™‚

    • I’m so jealous that you live that close! If you know of any other great places to eat in N-port, let me know- we will probably drive through again on the way to Maine next summer πŸ™‚

      • Michaels Harborside has some great food & great views. Ten Center Street is good, Starboard Galley is pretty good ( although I think Michaels is better)

        I love it here. If I drive up to NBPT I like to walk along the river. NBPT is between my boyfriends house & mine so I drive through there a lot. Downtown is nice too ( as is the farmers market). I’m also close to several Newburyport Lions so that’s another reason I’m there a lot. I’m a Salisbury Lion

      • Awesome! Thanks for the info!!

  2. I don’t do pickles but my hubby does, lol…I should make that for him! And…he LOVES IPA so he would probably fancy the Grog. Cute towns with great main streets are the best! Sounds like a nice little afternoon you guys had. πŸ™‚ Have a great day!

  3. That’s actually really cool! I never thought to make my own pickles haha

  4. That’s so cool you made your own pickles!
    That town looks so cute – and the food! YUM!

  5. jessielovestorun

    How neat that you made your own pickles. I’ve never been to either place (Grog or Newburyport), but my goodness your meal looks delicious!

    Have a wonderful weekend girl πŸ™‚

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