a concert & a picnic

It was a jam packed weekend of fun here. After the long run on Saturday morning, I worked for a while and then rushed to get ready and head downtown for the God Street Wine concert. Joe is a big fan, but this was my first time seeing them live.

The theater was small and the show was really good….but LONG! And I was so tired by the end! We basically collapsed into bed when we got home.

On Sunday I planned a picnic in Central Park with some friends. It was a beautiful day! Perfect for Shenanigans!

It was BYOB – Beer for me and Joe 🙂

and BYOF (food) – I made a salad with some veggie sausage to take with me.

And Joe and I made salsa to share with everyone!

Stella came with these two furry friends

Say hi to Jari!

It was just a really good time on a nice summer afternoon. 🙂

Have you had a picnic this summer? What did you do this weekend?

12 responses to “a concert & a picnic

  1. Your picnic looks like it was so much fun! I didn’t get a chance to picnic this summer, sadly. (It was a busy one.) Maybe I can squeeze in a fall picnic when the trees start to turn pretty colors.

  2. aww your picnic looks fun! I haven’t had one in a while.. but I did eat on the beach this past Saturday — that’s sorta like a picnic :p

  3. I really want to have a picnic in Central Park! Yours looked awesome! What a great weekend!

    • You definitely need to picnic in CP- a really good spot, thats easy to get to from the UES, is near the Great Lawn- like straight in from The Met. You can sit by the pond and it looks right up at Shakespeare’s Castle. Joe and I use to picnic there a ton when we were first dating, and out friends actually got engaged last summer in the same spot!

  4. We have picnics at a local park too. 🙂 that salsa looks yum! Glad you had a great weekend!…yesterday was gorgeous!

    • That’s awesome!
      This was my first time making salsa, so I was really pleasantly surprised with how good it was! but I definitely want to try adding some mango next time.

  5. jessielovestorun

    I was just telling the hubs I want to have a picnic once the temps cool down a bit. That’s one thing after being together for 8+ yrs we’ve never done together!

    So happy y’all had such a wonderful weekend ❤

    • Wow! Never had a picnic with the hubs?!?! My boyfriend use to picnic all the time when we first starting dating. It’s so much fun- you gotta get out there 🙂

      • jessielovestorun

        No, crazy right haha. We’ll definitely have to go one one once the temps drop from 130 lol.

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