WIAW + wokouts #8

I can’t believe this is my 8th round already! Thanks as usual to Jenn for putting this together!

Peas and Crayons

Love the new theme of summer staples. I eat a lot of fresh veggies, fish, fruit, yogurt, and smoothies in the summer.  Here we go!

Breakfast: blueberry chobani & banana

Lunch: sushi!

Dinner: veggie burger with pepper-jack cheese, pickles, and mustard


(recycled pic)

x’s about a hundred 😉


  • monday – rest
  • tuesday – 3 mile run +abs, arms, leg circuit
  • wednesday – spin + hot yoga
  • thursday – 6 mile run + hot yoga
  • friday – 45 minutes elliptical + arm, leg, ab circuit
  • saturday – rest (driving to Maine!!!)
  • sunday – 13 mile run

And just to leave you with something random….I got this in the mail from the US   Parachute Association…just in case I forgot that the sports I do are a little dangerous…haha

Are you changing up your workouts this week? Trying any new fun recipes? 

12 responses to “WIAW + wokouts #8

  1. You’re super healthy, lol…that’s great! That Nature’s Valley bar looks yummy. I am not a fan of sushi but my hubby loves it and wants me to try it again, haha. Nice workouts, too. Where in Maine are you going? We went on a family cruise a couple years ago through NE Canada and the New England coast and one of the stops was Bar Harbor and we fell in love with it! Have an awesome day! 🙂

    • I am definitely not always that healthy! the amount of pretzel M&M’s I consumed on Sunday night would scare you- haha! My dad built a house in central Maine like 25 years ago, so I have been going every summer since then. I LOVE Bar Harbor, but my house is about 2.5 hours inland from there. I cannot wait to get up there- it’s like my favorite place in the world 🙂
      You have a great day too!!

      • That sounds amazing! I hope you have a wonderful time with good company and fabulous weather! OMG pretzel M&Ms are my weakness..I go through a medium bag in 2 days, lol…at least they’re the “healthier” version of them, hahaha! My hubby actually picked me up a bag last night (I had to work late) and also made chocolate mousse…it was very sweet but not entirely good for my figure, lol!

  2. What kind of sushi is that? Its so pretty!
    Have a great time in Maine 🙂

    • I can’t remember what it was called, but it was tuna, salmon, and avocado wrapped with cucumber. I had never seen the cucumber wrapping before and thought it would be a nice change from rice/seaweed….it was pretty right? 🙂 Really tasty too!!

  3. jessielovestorun

    That veggie burger looks de-liciousss!! Ha and no of course I’m not changing up my workouts. Seriously, anyone could do what I’m gonna do/eat without even knowing me for longer than week.

    • haha- I actually eat the same stuff everyday too. I’ve been trying to make Tuesday a little more interesting lately…for wiaw’s sake 😉
      I also don’t change up the workouts much. I haven’t been able to go to my old Wednesday spin class in over a month because of work, but I am going today- so excited!

      • jessielovestorun

        haha, yeah maybe that’s a good idea so people don’t think i’m a complete boring eater 🙂 Ah so excited for you. Have an AWESOME workout girl!!

  4. The blueberry-flavored Chobani is seriously my all-time favorite…so good!

    • would you believe this was the first time I tried blueberry?!?! I have tried other flavors and never really liked them. I always just preferred the plain with fruit and other stuff added. I do love lemon, but this blueberry was so good- will definitely get it again!

  5. I suprisingly have yet to try blueberry yogurt- I’ll have to try it out! Plus, the veggie burger that you posted looks pretty tasty in wheat bread.

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