Monthly Archives: July 2012

Traveling + food

I made it to Houston! I won’t really be seeing much besides my hotel and the airport, but that’s ok.

teeny tiny hotel room

How do you handle eating while you travel? I tend to be more of a snacker than a meal eater by nature and I think this happens even more so when I’m on the road.

In order to make this trip budget friendly, I packed enough for today so I wouldn’t have to buy anything (will have to buy all day tomorrow anyway) Besides a vitamin water and an ice coffee right before boarding, I’ve been successful!

My brunch kept me pretty full for a while (must have been all the protein!) but at some point in the air I had a cranberry almond Kind bar.

It took my hotel shuttle FOREVER to come and by the time I checked in, I was STARVING!! So I snacked on some goldfish while settling in (aka- getting online). Then I ate the pickle, cheese, and mustard sandwich I brought. YUM!

Then it was time to chill out with pretzel m&m’s and OLYMPICS!!! GO USA!!

Do you like to pack food for travel or do you just buy as you go?