Traveling + food

I made it to Houston! I won’t really be seeing much besides my hotel and the airport, but that’s ok.

teeny tiny hotel room

How do you handle eating while you travel? I tend to be more of a snacker than a meal eater by nature and I think this happens even more so when I’m on the road.

In order to make this trip budget friendly, I packed enough for today so I wouldn’t have to buy anything (will have to buy all day tomorrow anyway) Besides a vitamin water and an ice coffee right before boarding, I’ve been successful!

My brunch kept me pretty full for a while (must have been all the protein!) but at some point in the air I had a cranberry almond Kind bar.

It took my hotel shuttle FOREVER to come and by the time I checked in, I was STARVING!! So I snacked on some goldfish while settling in (aka- getting online). Then I ate the pickle, cheese, and mustard sandwich I brought. YUM!

Then it was time to chill out with pretzel m&m’s and OLYMPICS!!! GO USA!!

Do you like to pack food for travel or do you just buy as you go?

10 responses to “Traveling + food

  1. Weren’t the Olympics insane last night!? Between the 4×100 men’s swimming and Jordan not getting into the all-around finals…it was nail-biting for me, lol. Glad you made it safe and sound! I don’t travel too much but when I do, I usually bring some snacks but I like going out to eat to experience local foods/restaurants and such. I hope you’re able to see a lil of Houston besides the hotel room and airport!

    • OMG- I cannot tell you how stressed I was during women’s gymnastics…and I just wanted to cry for Jordan! Weird fact- I use to compete against her team all the time (I was 14 when she was born, so obviously not at the same time, but Twistars were a big rival of ours!)…and a side note- her coach with the grey hair- use to be so mean!!! He yelled at me more times than I can remember- haha. total side note!
      Anyway, I agree with you about going out to experience the local foods, but this was literally a 30 hour trip of airport, hotel, conference room, airport. I didn’t even have access to anything but airport options and a terrible continental breakfast! But, going to post about it all soon πŸ™‚ Hope you had a great weekend!

      • Ik…I felt bad the cameras kept panning to her when she was crying/trying to compose herself…give the girl some time! Thats a cool double side note!…but sucks he was mean..I would probably crack, lol. Boo for rapt continental bfast…my sis when to a conf in Texas and couldn’t leave the airport/hotel too..bummer! Watching gymnastics now btw πŸ˜‰

  2. jessielovestorun

    I usually pack snacks for breakfast & lunch and then head out somewhere for dinner. Love trying out new restaurants in the area. Mmm.. I haven’t had Pretzel M&M’s in so long. They sould good right about now!

    • I love trying new restaurants when I travel too, but I actually didn’t get to go anywhere but the airport, hotel, and conference room on this trip, so I was counting on my packed foods!
      Pretzel M&M’s might over-take the PB ones for my favorite kind πŸ™‚ love the salty and sweet mixed together!

      • jessielovestorun

        Boo, well that doesn’t make for a fun little night getaway! What about the pretzel ones? They are absolutely delicious too, and mayy.. just may hold the #1 spot over the peanut.

      • I know….it wasn’t a very exciting trip, but that’s ok. Peanut use to be my favorite, then PB came out….then pretzel…they are all good. Have you tried mint? πŸ™‚

      • jessielovestorun

        Girl, I’ve tried like all of them. I could honestly eat m&ms for every meal if the nutrition was there haha. Did you get the white chocolate candy corn ones whenever they were out for a limited edition around I think it was October??

      • I never even heard of those!!! craziness. I actually love candy corn, but not sure how I feel about it in the M&M form. lol

      • jessielovestorun

        I was kinda skeptical at first too, but they did not disappoint by any means!

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