11 mile run & 1600 mile flight

Last night I met up with Stella for a couple beers  and girl talk with our favorite bartender, Justin (who just got a role in an off- Broadway show!!)

Then it was back home to make myself a good pre-run dinner. We had some left-overs in the fridge from Joe’s moms’ delicious meal last weekend. So, I used the veggie sausage and meatballs over whole wheat couscous and threw in some broccoli.

I promise it was better than it looks 🙂

Also…an amazing movie came on while I was cooking….bonus points if you can name it!!

While  watching, I packed for my trip, foam rolled, and iced my shins. Then I climbed into bed.

To beat the heat, I set my alarm for 6am, but I was not feeling rested at all when it went off. So, I snoozed and didn’t get up til 8! However, 70 degrees and cloudy skies didn’t seem too bad. I had a blueberry muffin Lara Bar sample (randomly left on the counter by my wonderful boyfriend) with a few sips of a Naked Red Machine.

After a good stretch session, I was out the door. I decided not to take Joe’s water belt this time because it really is way too big on me and irritates more than it helps. I need to just get my own as training runs are getting longer and longer.

I set off and immediately the shins started hurting, but the pain went away after just a half mile and I was fine for the rest of the run! It was pretty cloudy the whole time, but it was also really humid, so I was drenched in sweat by the time I finished. Also…a pigeon flew into my head on my walk to the park…again…this seems to happen once every couple months. It’s especially weird because I actually have an unusually small head! ha!

Back home, I drank a little glass of chocolate mile during another ice session and some stretching.

After a shower and last packing of stuff, I made brunch: Egg whites, salmon, blue cheese, and a piece of whole wheat toast.

I’m off to the airport! See you from Houston!

What’s the weirdest thing to happen to you while running? Gymnastics is on tonight!!! Who’s excited??? Are you going to watch?

5 responses to “11 mile run & 1600 mile flight

  1. jessielovestorun

    So glad your shins stopped hurting, but sorry about that damn pigeon hahaha! I have never heard of a bird flying into someones head before. You poor thing 😦 The olympics has pretty much been the only thing on our television since yesterday. The U.S did awesome in gymnastics! Have a safe trip girl.

  2. Sooooo excited for gymnastics! Congrats on ur run and glad ur shins stopped hurting! Have a safe trip to Houston. 🙂

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