Race Day (NJ Tri Recap #2)

Sunday morning: 5am..UP AND AT ‘EM! I get out of bed and walk to the bathroom….completely normally!! With no foot pain!! OMG- did this actually happen? Did my foot actually heal over night???? Rotate foot right and left…OUCH! Still a bit painful….but I could jump walk and run in place and it felt completely fine…hmmmmm….do I  attempt to run on it after not being able to walk the day before???? YES!

I figured I might as well try, but if it hurt at all when I got started, I would immediately stop. I don’t want to do even more damage when I need to be ready for the marathon in 3 months.

We all got dressed, made to-go cups of coffee and with sleepy faces headed to the race.

I was just ecstatic that I may have the chance to be able to do this instead of just cheer from the sidelines like I thought I would.

We checked in, got our race materials, body markings and headed into the transition area to set things up.

As it got closer to the start, we meandered down toward the lake and Stella got herself in position.

National anthem and then before we knew it, Stella was off and swimming the one mile down the lake!

Joe headed into the transition area and I went to where the swimmers come out to try to catch Stella on her way to Joe. She killed the swim and was definitely one of the top 5 relay swimmers out of the water!

As she headed in to transfer the ankle chip to Joe, I sprinted to where Joe would come out on his bike.

He mounted the bike and off he went! See you in 25.5 miles!!

We had over an hour until he would be back to transition to my run, so Stella and I watched some of the first individual racers finish and I ate part of a cliff bar, took a last bathroom stop and then I headed into the transition area to wait for Joe.

Joe did awesome and before I knew it, he was strapping the chip on my ankle!

Off I went!!!!

The first half of the course was totally shady and pretty flat. We weren’t allowed to have headphones or music, so when I got away from the people it was actually pretty peaceful and quiet. I started pretty fast (7:30 pace) but knew I wouldn’t be able to keep that up for 6.2 miles, so I slowed down around mile 1 and tried to stay between 8:00 and 8:20.

The second part of the course was sunny and a little hilly, but not too bad. There were so many volunteers and aid stations, it was fantastic! I grabbed water twice, mostly because my mouth was so dry!

The last .2 was a nice downhill into the finish chute and I kicked it in to sprint past 4 people to the finish. My run time was about 50:58. Not super fast, but honestly, I was just so happy that I got to be a part of today’s race when it came very close to not happening!

We got our medals

Grabbed some free food

And headed into the beer garden. Cheers team!!

We hung out for awards and found out that our team came in 15th place- out of something like 100 relay teams (I think)!!

  • Information
  • Bib
  • Wave
  • Gender
  • City
  • State
  • Performance
  • Finish Time
  • Placing
  • Overall
    Place: 395
    Total: 857
  • Gender
    Place: 318
    Total: 547
  • Division: RELAY
    Place: 15 
  • Swim
    Time: 25:20
  • Transition 1
    Time: 0:55
  • Bike
    Time: 1:26:43
  • Transition 2
    Time: 1:21
  • Run
    Time: 50:58

Not bad at all for our first one ever!! Next time we are going for the win 🙂

We headed back to Joe’s parents for pool time and a BBQ.

And dessert!!

It was such a great weekend! So much fun with friends and family and the three of us are already looking for the next relay tri we can do! Can’t wait! Thanks to my amazing team members for hanging in there with my foot issue and for giving  it all you got! You guys are the best!!

How was your weekend? Did you race? Have any pool or BBQ time?

7 responses to “Race Day (NJ Tri Recap #2)

  1. Nice work! Sounds like all that icing you did after your ankle started hurting really helped. I’m glad you were able to run your race!

  2. Yes!!! So glad you were able to race! Awesome job and looks like a lot of fun that you had afterward. Hope your foot is still feeling well! 🙂

  3. Girl, I totally thought you didn’t get to run. So happy that it all worked out, and your pain free! Congratulations to all of you for an awesome race!!

    … all of that food looks delicious too btw.

  4. Oh my gosh that’s so awesome you were able to run! And you guys kicked butt! Great job!

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