Greek popsicles

I was talking to the adorable Teresa (yoga teacher) the other night about our mutual love for Greek yogurt. I told her about my new summery way of eating it and she was so excited about she said I had to share it on the blog! So here ya go!

Start with any type of popsicle container. I got these last summer from Sur La Table.

Fill each one 1/2 way with your favorite flavor of Greek Yogurt. I like plain Fage 2%

Then layer in your choice of sliced fruit (smaller slices work best) or whole berries. I like to mix it up and try different things, but I had blueberries on hand and they are small enough that I don’t have to slice them. Yay for antioxidants!

Layer on more yogurt and place in freezer for a couple hours.

Enjoy your cool refreshing healthy summer snack!

**running the container under warm water for a few seconds helps the popsicle come out more smoothly.

3 responses to “Greek popsicles

  1. Cute idea!…definitely going to try it. Thanks for sharing. 🙂

  2. Love it Elisha!!!! I just need to get the right tools for sur la table and I’ll be all set to make my own! I was thinking it may even be a good idea to add chocolate chips or mix in nutella for chocolatey pops!!!! See you tomorrow 🙂

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