New Shoes + a 9 mile run

Is it not one of the most exciting things to receive your new running shoes in the mail?!?! I have been needing a new pair for a while now and last weekend my feet felt really sore after my 8 mile run. Since I have some major running coming up training for the NYC marathon, I figured I should get new shoes sometime soon.

Then, Kelly’s Running Warehouse emailed a coupon for 10% off and free shipping when you order by the July 10th! I took it as a sign and logged in to get my usual Adidas Boston’s. They come in a new color every season (model?) and I am loving the colors this time…I mean, they just look fast 🙂

Marathon schedule called for 9 miles and I wanted to get out there before it got crazy hot.So, I was up super early for a little coffee and pre-run mini meal. Whole grain flax tortilla with TJ’s Valencia PB (sprinkled with chia)

I also decided to mix up some Electro-mix water to take with me in Joe’s water belt. I usually don’t carry water when I run (there is a fountain on the west side if I get desperate), but because of the heat and the distances I am starting to run, I thought it was probably a good idea.

Then it was off to Central Park in the new kicks!

The run went ………not well. It was so insanely humid that I just wanted to keep drinking and then I ended up with a sloshing stomach. Somewhere around 5 miles I hit a serious wall and felt like I was going to throw up. The last half of the run was pretty miserable.

The good news is that the shoes were fantastic, and my shins felt better than ever! Also, look what I found on Harlem Hill!

Craziness! I have the world’s worst luck, so things like that never happen to me! A couple days ago my horoscope did say I was going to come into some money soon – this must be it! ha!

When I got home I made a protein smoothie to sip while I stretched and iced my shins.

1/2 frozen banana, strawberries, honeydew, soy milk, 1/2 scoop whey protein powder.

I made a lot this time, so I only drank about half of that glass.

Shortly after my appetite kicked in and I made an open face egg sandwich on whole wheat toast. Scrambled egg whites with onion, spinach, mushroom, nutritional yeast and goat cheese with splashes of Texas Pete.

I’m going to chill on the couch in my compression socks before going into work for a couple hours. Joe has been in Vermont all weekend for a bachelor party and gets back tonight! Can’t wait!

Have a great Sunday!

7 responses to “New Shoes + a 9 mile run

  1. Haha I am the same when I get my shoes in the mail, so exciting… I love your addidas shoes, they do look fast! 🙂 Sucks about having sore shins (I have shin splints at the moment) so have to be careful esp as it’s the same side as my dodge piriformis go figure… *eye roll* Yay about finding money though… And omg I also always have smoothies after my runs, my fav also kinda odd though is blueberries, banana, yoghurt, honey, and papiya! 🙂

  2. Sorry you felt so lousy on your run! Long runs in the summer are the worst. But, you finished and you’re that much stronger. 🙂

    Hope you’re enjoying your fancy new shoes!

  3. The humidity makes it so much worse! And sloshy tummies are no fun! Great job in getting it done though. And I’m with ya…new shoes in the mail is the greatest, lol. 🙂 hope you have a relaxing night! 🙂

  4. Sorry about your LR girl 😦 Everyone has them, but all you can do is stay positive and knock out your next run!!

    Jealous about your 20 dollar find!! ;0

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