A Weekend at the Lake

Joe and I spent this weekend at a lake house in the Pocono’s to celebrate a friend’s 30th birthday (lot’s of b-day action lately!). Scott’s wife set the whole thing up and there ended up being about 16 of us total.

Joe and I just worked half days Friday so we could attempt to beat traffic and got on the road around 2:30. I hadn’t had lunch, so made a salad to eat on the way.

We still managed to get stuck in traffic, but arrived at Lake Harmony around 5. Check out the house!

People trickled in over the next couple hours and before we knew the drinks were flowing!

I came prepared with The Long Trail Survival Pack.

Our friend Matt is a chef, so he was in charge of the food.

There was tons of meat being cooked, but he also prepared a lot of veg friendly things for me, and Jackie and I threw together a green salad.

I make weird faces when chopping

I had some potato salad, pasta salad, ceviche, salad (with lots of pickles of course!). I also had a veggie burger separately, but forgot to take a picture.

After the sun went down we all piled out onto the dock to watch the fireworks all around the lake!

There were a lot more late night shenanigans that occurred, but I went to bed early- I wanted to get my 8 mile run in early Saturday before the temps got up to the 102 they were predicting.

My plan worked and I was up with the sun on saturday, but it was already super hot! And the course I ran was crazy hilly…it was a serious struggle to get through!

I ran into these guys around mile 5. Well, hello dear!

When I got home, everyone was starting to get up, so we all had breakfast and headed out to the lake!

The day consisted of a lot of laying in the sun and swimming. Many drinks were consumed.

Games were played

We tried to fire up the grill for lunch, but it wouldn’t work! So repairman Dave came over by boat to see what the problem was.

He couldn’t fix it, so instead sat down and had a glass of Jack! Only in the Pocono’s! A new grill was brought to us, so Matt was able to continue to feed us 🙂 Favorite food of the day = grilled clams….sooooooo good…I ate about 72.

And watermelon!!!!

A thunderstorm came through, but passed pretty quickly and we were able to get back out on the water.

Matt, Megan (polly pocket) hanging on for dear life, and Jackie

Eventually everyone showered, dressed and got back to eating and drinking.

thanks Emily!

Matt made a really cheesily delicious mac n’ cheese and I had another veggie burger and more of the salads from Friday. As the night went on, Jack and Jim kept calling and the boys got a little crazy.

tank top twins

A ridiculous amount of frozen pudding shots were consumed. The favorite flavor was by far the dirty girl scout.

I went to bed earlier than most…such a big day- I was exhausted! But, of course I woke up bright and early this morning. We all had breakfast and then started cleaning the giant mess we created! It went pretty fast with everyone helping out and we were done in no time!

We had to be out of the house by noon, so we headed back to the city with a local snack for the road. Watermelon Licorice!

We managed to avoid all traffic and were home before 3. It was such a fun weekend and I had a blast with everyone- too bad we couldn’t stay all week 🙂

How was your weekend?

2 responses to “A Weekend at the Lake

  1. It was quite a weekend. you only forgot one thing… pics of burning tires 😉

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