Low key Independence Day

How was your fourth of July? Things were pretty chill around here. It was soooooo hot out and Joe and I had a HUGE day on the 3rd. We got up really early to get to the drop zone and jump before rushing back to the city to head downtown for Stella’s b-day party. So, it was go go go all day. We both needed a lazy hang-out day (plus, I went to work for a couple hours).

Joe and I started with a couple cocktails. Chenin Blanc for me, Sierra for him.

Then he got cooking! Since I worked and make dinner most days of the week, Joe wanted to cook for me on his day off…no objections there! We were both craving 4th of July BBQ type foods and he did pretty well with an indoor grill on the 22nd floor of a Manhattan apartment 😉

I snacked on some chips and salsa and ate a whole avocado while Joe manned the grill!

Deviled eggs, soy dogs (for me), turkey burger & real hot dogs (obviously not for me), and pasta salad.

We didn’t even have to go anywhere for fireworks…there were tons happening right outside our window!

Hope everyone had a fabulous holiday!!

2 responses to “Low key Independence Day

  1. Hey! I signed up for the Staten Island half! That’s awesome you had a view of the fireworks from your place!

    • Awesome!! I will definitely sign up too 🙂
      The fireworks weren’t the big Macy’s ones (we actually face uptown), but we could see about 10 different shows from Queens, Bronx, and Jersey- it was so cool!
      Hope you had a good 4th!!

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