Mom, friends, and almost a Yankee game

After an exhausting day on Saturday, we all needed to sleep in a bit. So, we got a nice slow start to the day, hanging out, drinking coffee. As we were stuck in traffic in front of Yankee Stadium on the way to the Ranch, my mom had the great idea of trying to get tickets to Sunday’s game against the White Sox. Trying to do so online was a huge pain in the neck, so we just thought we would go to the box office at the stadium and buy tickets there. There seemed to be tons of $20-$30 tickets left. We recruited Marc and Stella to join us and off to the Bronx we went!

Unfortunately, when we got to the box office, the cheap tickets were all sold out! The lowest price we could get was $110 per ticket!! That’s completely insane and no way were we going to pay that much! We hadn’t really planned on staying too long anyway since it was 10 billion degrees out. Since we were already up by the stadium, we decided to just go to a sports bar nearby and watch the game from there. We ended up at Stans and ordered a round of beers.

It was a really happening place with old and recent pictures of baseball greats! Stella brought her own baseball themed snack, complete with s spit cup!

We hung out for a few innings and then headed back to the upper east side.

We went to Jack Russels for another drink and a snack. I totally forgot to take any pictures of the appetizers we shared because I had this creepy rooster giving me the evil eye from behind the bar!

After the game we all parted ways and my mom and I just went back to the apartment to rest for a bit. When Joe came home, the 3 of us went to dinner at The Barking Dog. It’s close and always has good food. I had the grilled salmon sandwich…delicious!

We ended the night with the last round of the Gymnastics Olympic Trials…Goooooooo Gabby!! So exciting!!

Mom had to head back to Michigan early this morning 😦 but November will be here soon and she will be back for the marathon! Hopefully she can stay a little longer next time!! Miss you already Mom!!

2 responses to “Mom, friends, and almost a Yankee game

  1. that’s a weird rooster, but the sandwich looks good! 🙂

  2. The sandwich was good!!

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