Mom goes skydiving!


Laguardia Airport

She was suppose to land in NYC at 7:30 on Friday evening, but halfway between Detroit and here, her plane had electrical problems and turned around! It was another 5 hours before she was able to get on a flight! jeeeze…long tiring day for mom. We basically just came home and went to bed. She was pooped and I had to be up super early to open the yoga studio.

So….my mom decided that while she was here, she wanted to go to The Ranch and jump out of a plane…. and since that’s my favorite way to spend the weekend, I wasn’t going to talk her out of it. After a quick stint at work, we hit the road and headed upstate. We also had 3 other friends who were meeting us there to do a tandem jump as well. Joe and I were hoping to get in a jump or two as well- we both just got new goggles and were excited to try them out! After sitting in the worst traffic ever, we finally made it to the drop zone.

My mom was cool as a cucumber as she got all geared up. Keep in mind that 13 years ago my mom and I did our first jump together, but it was a static line (lower altitude), so this was going to be her first time at 13,500 feet and really getting to experience free-fall. WOOHOO!

Our friends and my mom set off to load the plane and up they went! We took tons of pictures of them coming down, and they all ran off the field with HUGE smiles!


Next it was time for Joe and I to gear up and head into the sky.

I did a dive exit and back loops…then just some turns and belly flying. Then, I had what is probably the best landing of my life! Joe had a great jump too! Soooooo much fun 🙂

Me, Peter, & Joe

Next, it was off to Bacchus! Beers all around- cheers to a great day at the drop zone!


Ahi tuna sandwich for mom

5mushroom pizza for Joe and I

By the time we got home we were completely exhausted. Such an amazing day!

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