Pumped for the weekend!!

I am super excited for this weekend. Joe and I are both working short days tomorrow so we can get on the road early and head up to New Hampshire. We are spending the weekend hiking and camping in the White Mountains and joining us is Ryan (whom Joe is somewhat of a mentor to). I’ve never met him, but he sounds like a great kid, so I’m sure we will have a fantastic time.  I will try to take as many pictures as possible too since there are going to be some amazing landscapes.

Is there a heat wave where you live? It’s been absolutely miserable in NYC, so I have been doing all workouts indoors the last few days. I am planning to get up REALLY early to run tomorrow in an effort to beat the heat, but we’ll see if it actually happens.

Weather for New York, NY

92°F | °C Thu Fri Sat Sun
Clear Thunderstorms Chance of Storms Mostly Sunny
Wind: N at 5 mph
Humidity: 41% 97° 77°


Trying to use up things in our fridge since we will be gone for a few days, I came up with tempeh black-bean tacos. I crumbled the tempeh in a pot with a can of black beans and some taco seasoning.

Then chopped up and set out the rest of the fixins and BAM! Taco time!

Gotta get packed…have a great weekend everyone; catch you on the flip side! 🙂

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