Walking on clouds

 A couple days ago, I got an email from my building saying there was a package waiting for me in the package room.

A box from REI! I just ordered this the day before- it came so fast!

Guess what’s inside??

New skydiving/snowboarding helmet!!!!! And it was perfect timing because guess where we were going Sunday…

The Ranch! The forecast was suppose to be a little cloudy, but hopefully breaking up around10. Meet Pete- he was my instructor through all of the AFF levels…he looks insane and trust me he is one of a kind. This man has over 10,000 jumps!!! He was stuck in a classroom with students all day, so we didn’t get to hang out as much as usual.

We had to wait around until about 1:30 for the clouds to clear enough for us to go up, but before we knew it, Joe and I were in the plane and headed to altitude, new helmet and all! There was very little wind, so we all had to get out pretty quickly. Joe is bigger, which means he falls faster, so he went out right ahead of me. I did a dive exit right after him and then did 4 or 5 front flips. Visibility was not that great- there was a pretty solid wall of clouds right under my feet when I opened, so I actually had a very hard time finding the drop zone. Luckily, Joe could see it through a hole, so I found his parachute and followed him. We both landed well and got ready to head back up….unfortunately, the winds decided one jump was enough for us today. So we packed things up and headed to Bacchus as usual.

We had a couple Founders Red Rye’s and shared some crab and artichoke dip. Love a good Michigan beer!

Somehow we managed to get a parking spot on the first street we tried! It was a great jump and a great day!

How was your weekend?

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